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May 26, 2012

{love,always} cupid's arrow.

This would make the perfect addition to my arm party!

Get it here: Love, Always

May 24, 2012

$100 off Natural Hair Extensions!



Let's talk hair. It can make or break your outfit. Frizzy, flat, snarly, greasy...we have all been there! Not only can a bad hair day ruin your outfit, I'm usually vain enough that it can put a damper on my day. I'm going to share a little secret with you. My hair is naturally: shoulder length, thin, and not at all voluminous. So here it is: I have hair extensions. Another secret: most people with perfect hair have them also. Here's a list of celebrities that partake in being  un-be-weave-able (hair extension joke - haha).

I've recently had the pleasure of working with Natural Hair Extensions owner Barbara Fleet. Her hair extensions are are extremely unique to the United States, the only other products I've seen that are similar are sold in the UK and are of far less quality. Natural Hair Extensions Halo Style extension is made with an invisible micro-filament headband that slips right into your hair and is invisible. You can't feel a thing and the halo takes 30 seconds to apply. The first few days it took a bit of getting used to, but I've been getting compliments every since on my celeb status hair.

Right now the first 50 likes on Natural Hair Extension's Facebook page get $100 off their first order of 18inch hair (that's the length I have)! The color can be matched perfectly to your own hair and the investment is completely worth it.

Why is the Halo Style different:

  • No damage to your scalp
  • No hair loss 
  • No balding
  • No pain
  • No pulling
  • Natural looking hair that works with any length
  • Is real hair of the highest quality (European, Indian, and Asian)
  • Can be matched to any hair color
  • Can be curled, colored, and cut

This is what the Halo looks like:

Natural Hair Extensions Halo Style 

Lovely locks!

Extensions were provided gratis by Natural Hair Extensions. Opinions are 100% my own. 

{thief of joy}

So true. We want to be skinnier, prettier, more like her, less like me. Sometimes it's just better to let go, be yourself, and be thankful. It's so much easier to say than do, but I'm going to try and live my life by these words. I encourage you to do the same.

all my love - m 

May 20, 2012

{i've got sunshine} on my legs.

Can't wait until my new Current/Elliot jeans arrive in the mail! Perfect for summer, work, and looking cute everyday. Shop them here. 

May 13, 2012

{arty ring giveaway}

The winner of the ring will receive a gold and black or coral ring (as shown above in the pictures) no exceptions or exchanges as each ring is handmade. Rings are only available in sizes 5-10.

Modtoast is one of my favorite corners of the internet. Terri helps rescue animals and funds from her store go to caring for them - she's amazing! I own the coral arty ring above and am lusting after the black! My other picks from the store:

Spike Cuff Bracelet Armor with Crystals Gold
This Spike Cuff Bracelet for only $12! 
Statement Collar Choker Gold Tribal Chunky Armor
This Stunning Gold Collar for $25!


{lunch} shoot.

A little fun with the camera during my lunch hour! 

{Winks} By Georgie Beauty

One of the best parts of being a part of the blogging world is getting AMAZING press releases, from other bloggers, that work for AMAZING companies (Hi Kimmy!).

Here is a little bit about Georgie Beauty and their new product line - Winks! 

Winks have been featured on several major websites and are now being sold at Nordstrom! I can't wait to receive mine - stay tuned! 

May 11, 2012

{Meet Henry} The newest addition to the Dixon & Grimm Household!

Love at first sight!
Little Bear.
Henry and father. 

Meet Henry (previously known as Teddy) our new puppy! He's a German Shepard & Huskie mix.

He's a rescue dog that Adam and I feel completely in love with. He was left on a reservation with no immunizations. By state law puppies must get their shots by a certain date, if this is not done, they are given 10 days to get the pups up to code - or they are euthanized. That's where Andrea's Angels stepped in and saved our little man and his bother and two sisters. He is mild mannered and loves to cuddle - I can't wait until we get him on Monday - he's have his male parts taken care of today.

Adam and I have taken some bigs steps this week! A puppy and he is graduating from Physician Assistant Grad School tonight, he starts work at the Mayo Clinic in July! He will have plenty of time to coddle our little bundle of joy!

Have a beautiful weekend!



May 9, 2012

{Coco Necklace} c/o Swell Caroline

Thank you to Swell Caroline for this beautiful necklace I won in their Pinterest contest! I'm obsessed!!! 

May 7, 2012

{GIVEAWAY} $50 Gift Certificate to In This Very Room

In This Very Room is a wonderful shop I discovered last week! And was immediately mad I had not seen it before! We're talking preppy chic madness. Monogram necklaces, beautiful lacquered trays, and my personal favorite luxe iPad cases! I've partnered up with In This Very Room to give one of my beautiful readers a $50 Gift Certificate! Yes that's right $50 JUST FOR YOU!

Follow the 5 instructions below via Rafflecoptor to enter! If you have any questions email me: or leave a comment below!

GOOD LUCK!!!!! xxo

a Rafflecopter giveaway

May 6, 2012

{j.crew bubble necklace} for 1/10 of the price!

I adore J.Crew don't get my wrong, but a good deal is a good deal. Which is why you need to go to ebay and type in "J.Crew Bubble Necklace" to find one of these babies!

Thanks to for the info!

Spring Palette {color love}

Majorly feeling all of these pieces right now. I'm all about coral, mint green, and neon. Think it might have anything to do with the fashion industry deeming these colors on-trend? I'm also working on blogging over at GuiltyStar and have become OBSESSED with the Onilee Necklace. It's the perfect mix of summery, chic, and timeless.

Product details here!

May 1, 2012

{GuiltyStar} Get 25% off my picks this week!

Head on over to GuiltyStar to get 25% my Guilty Six of the week! To get 25% off Telling it like it is. Only prettier. readers can enter guiltyvip at checkout!

Have fun shopping! I'm so excited about the ROBYN necklace (it's only $12!!!).