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May 11, 2012

{Meet Henry} The newest addition to the Dixon & Grimm Household!

Love at first sight!
Little Bear.
Henry and father. 

Meet Henry (previously known as Teddy) our new puppy! He's a German Shepard & Huskie mix.

He's a rescue dog that Adam and I feel completely in love with. He was left on a reservation with no immunizations. By state law puppies must get their shots by a certain date, if this is not done, they are given 10 days to get the pups up to code - or they are euthanized. That's where Andrea's Angels stepped in and saved our little man and his bother and two sisters. He is mild mannered and loves to cuddle - I can't wait until we get him on Monday - he's have his male parts taken care of today.

Adam and I have taken some bigs steps this week! A puppy and he is graduating from Physician Assistant Grad School tonight, he starts work at the Mayo Clinic in July! He will have plenty of time to coddle our little bundle of joy!

Have a beautiful weekend!




jayemmtee said...

we took this step last summer and i'm completely in love/obsessed/crazy about our pup!! congrats!

Aimee said...

What an adorable little nugget! I want a pup so badly.

Kathleen Lisson said...

What a cute puppy! Rescues are the best.