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August 27, 2012

{lip i love} funny face

meep. wearing. this. tomorrow. best. color. ever. {it took some convincing on Holly & Katie's part}.

August 24, 2012

{bow down to me}

These collection pants from J.crew are everything I love in a certified statement pant. Sequin bows, my dream come true! The price tag is a little vulgar at $495, but maybe everyone else will think they are over the top and I can score them on sale!

Happy Friday my dears! xx

August 22, 2012

{giveaway} Greek Glamour x Rory Ashton

I know. I know. Another giveaway? My answer: of course! I love my readers and I also love sharing brands {and amazing young women entrepreneurship} with you! I connected with Meaghan the owner of Greek Glamour over Twitter about a year ago and fell in love with Rory Ashton's designs around the same time, thanks to Meaghan introducing me to her beautiful baubles! Meaghan and Rory have graciously agreed to give away some of their precious loot to you, my beautiful readers! The pair of earrings from Greek Glamour {on the left} are ONE OF A KIND! How amazing? And Rory is giving away THREE pairs of her studs in the white color above, a beautiful sand color, and her amazing sea blue color. That means FOUR winners! Entering is going to be easy! All you have to do is like Greek Glamour and Rory Ashton Trinkets on Facebook! Enjoy!!!

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Featured on "Heart of Dixie" on The CW. 

As seen on Stephanie Pratt!

The pair I have my little heart set on! 

{filming} what a day!

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Today I had one the greatest experiences I'll probably ever have. I don't want to say too much before it's review, but it was for a great cause and will be premiered at The Style on the Plaza Fashion Show in Downtown Rochester. Thank you to Karen Kan for my amazing draped blazer. My friend and co-worker gave my hair a subtle ombre and did my makeup to perfection {this was just a quick snap on the street} and my other friend and  co-worker Holly touched up my eyelash extensions and they were PERFECT! I felt so beautiful and confident. Thank you to everyone that made this day amazing and everyone at the Rochester Downtown Alliance for asking lil' ol' me to do this! 

Necklace//Spike the Punch Bag//Prada Peplum Top//Forever 21 Jeans//Blank Denium Flats//Ellen Tracy 

August 20, 2012

{reblog} to buy or diy.


"... the painter who scribes Sketch 42 had made a really smart comment about theTo Buy or DIY essay that I wrote last week and that got me thinking.
She said, “until recently, all human beings had to make things for themsel[ves], and now I think we are seeing a backlash toward the over industrialized, computerized world we live in. I think people want to reconnect with the art of using their hands to make things. Just look at cooking…after the age of microwaving everything came the resurgence of gourmet, artisanal foods. I think crafting is just a natural part of the human spirit and its only now that we are calling it DIY.” 

{oops I ombre'd again}

Back in 2011 I worked magic on my hair and bleached it to an ombre hue that I loved. After that I went back to my usual chocolate brown. I thought the trend had died, but I've become more obsessed with the look this summer and was looking for a way to change up my look without going to drastic measures. Thank goodness my fabulous {and beautiful} friend Katie is an amazing makeup artist - and she does hair too! She came over this afternoon and gave me the most wonderful ombre look. She used a teasing and bialyge technique which makes it look really natural. The color isn't as golden as my color above and I LOVE IT! It's a light ash brown, which is perfect for my complexion, and for going into fall. I used the pictures of celebrities as my inspiration, my #1 being Courtney Kerr. Her hair is swoon worthy and subtle. I have a big project coming up this week and it's the perfect color to brighten my complexion! I can't wait to share photos of new color with you all! xx m 

August 17, 2012

{Stella & Dot} Virtual Trunk Show!

Hi beauties! I'm hosting a Stella & Dot Trunk Show with the amazing stylist of Silver & Plum Shops! As you know Stella & Dot has amazing styles that are favored by trendy fashionistas and celebs alike. You've probably even noticed all the Stella & Dot appearances on the Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor Pad {Lindzi Cox just rocked one of their amazing necklaces}.

I wanted to invite all of you to shop my virtual trunk show! Let me know if you have questions: Shop it here!

Katy Perry wearing the Renegade Cluster Bracelet

There is also an amazing offer going on! When you spend $50 you get 50% off select AMAZING pieces! 

August 14, 2012

{giveaway + glam grab} ikat necklace!

The second I saw this amazing ikat necklace I fell in love. I got even more exited when the Glam Grab team wanted to give one away to a special reader of mine! I've been wearing this necklace to work A LOT and wanted to show you some other ways on how to style it; as well as, introduce you to how Glam Grab works! The service is super easy to use and they have an amazingly curated collection of baubles. 

Some of my other favorite pieces - not to mention the amazing prices! Enjoy and goodluck! xo 
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How it Works

1. Register here!

2. Like us on Facebook

3. Visit our page Mondays, 7:30 p.m. CST

4. Check out the designer-inspired Glam

5. Bid on our items by commenting 'Grab!'

6. Pay your PayPal invoice

7. Receive your Glam in the mail!

*All sales final, invoices must be paid within 48 hours or the item goes to the next bidder. Happy grabbing! XOXO

It just just the trick to perk up this silk gray top. Paired with pink lipstick from Nars and a bold liner on top. I felt polished, dare I say pretty, and on trend.

This is one of my go to outfits for running errands on the weekend. A simple striped dress {if you're going to take anything away from this post besides a stunning necklace it will be that I LOVE stripes and polka dots}. While the dress is navy blue and white, the necklace helps bring together the tonal elements: the pink in the shoes, the tan in the bag, and the white in the hat so the outfit reads are more cohesive. And excuse the wrinkles, it's Summer though isn't it? 

Leather, Leather, Leather you sweet friend of mine! I got these highwaisted shorts on a trip to Germany this Spring and planned to pair them with tights in the colder months, thought I didn't get the courage to break them out until about a week ago. I love how they made me look and feel! The necklace here doesn't really match {anything}, but I loved how it felt with the polka dots and my neon Cambridge Satchel {what would I do without Julie Deane?}. I paired with with classic stilettos that have a bit of a rounded pointed toe and a sheer, budget friendly blouse, from h&m. 

I work in the beauty industry, so I need to look pulled together and feminine. I snagged this sweet yellow top and h&m and plan on pairing it with my favorite striped blazer and high waisted 7 for all mankind jeans to take me from Summer to Fall. The Glam Grab Ikat necklace take sit from being stuffy, to lending the outfit a more playful side. I'll through on my giant Prada tote with all my gadgets inside and be ready for a day at the "office"!

BB Amazed.

Beautylish voted Smashbox's BB Cream one of the best products this year. I couldn't agree more!

August 12, 2012

{sunday style} inspiration

I love everything about this photo. The statement sunnies, the gold leaf necklace, the subtle ombre hair and it's mussed up feel, and especially this gorgeous ladies lip color! Killing it! 

August 8, 2012

{reblogged} DIY.

I saw this post by Honestly WTF on Tall Girl Tales and had to reblog. A perfectly situated "army party" in my opinion, and better yet and affordable DIY! I love evil eye bracelets and now you can make your own! Check it out here

{miracle in a bottle} INSTANT FIRMx

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One of the perks of my job is getting to try out new products. At 25 I'm a little young for this product, but I wanted to see if I could notice a difference on my skin. This Peter Thomas Roth product is one of the more affordable in his line of care, the small tube retails at $35, not bad for shaving years off your face. It's essentially deemed a miracle product or "botox in a bottle". The potion tightens your whole entire face and diminishes the look of pores.The only downside it adds 3-7 minutes of prep time to your makeup routine. You apply the serum liberally over your face, I do my jawline as well, and let it tighten. Then remove excess product with a damp cloth. While I don't have wrinkles like crows feet and I can barely move my forehead on a regular basis, I did notice that my jawline appeared more defined and my pores were nearly invisible. You can even use this product as a mask for dramatic results or mix with your daily moisturizer to simplify your regime. It leaves your skin look firm and smooth - what girl doesn't want that?

Get it at About Face in Rochester, MN! 

August 6, 2012

sneak{er} attack.

Kate Bosworth looks amazing and Leandra pulls them off with no trouble.But would you dare? I've seen so many people look amazing in these shoes, that I almost can't resist. Then I remind myself I live in Rochester, Minnesota. 

{sparkle} and a little shine.




snapshots {life o' mine}

1. Saturday Night Outfit
2. My Favorite Modtoast Necklace
3. Nars in Carthage {no i'm not wearing lipliner in blue} 

August 5, 2012

{reality star style} lindzi cox

I'll be frank here, I know next to nothing when it comes to reality star style. If you're looking for an expert turn to my favorite, The Possessionista, Dana Weiss. I ask her on a weekly basis to "buy me this, or that" she never does, but I love her anyway. What I do know is good style or what I deem as #$%^&*( I NEED THAT IN MY CLOSEST! That is the emotion Lindzi Cox has made me emit all season. Her Haute Hippie dress on the first night had my convulsing (Dana ID'd this...duh)! The girl doesn't take herself too seriously and pulls off chic and effortless style like no body's business. Let's also talk about her CC SKYE "GYPSET" necklace - get it - gypsy + jet set! 

Update: Get Lindzi's necklace at the fabulous price of $86!!  I can't deny an amazing sale!

August 2, 2012

{life} via instagram

Adam yells at me for taking photos of myself on instagram. I'm simply tell him it's part of my job as a blogger. I live a beautiful life, a happy life, a life I want to share with others. He says it's pompous, I say it's fun! I don't take myself too seriously, don't care about how skinny or pretty one might think I look in my photos, or don't take them for bragging rights. They are more for me and the people that care to see what I'm up to. Look or don't - this is the life I love, life, and cherish to the fullest! XOXO 
  1. Nars Lipstick in Carthage
  2. Spike the Punch, Rachel Roy and a boyfriend blazer 
  3. My beloved new Prada (c/o Threadflip)
  4. The beau and I at a friends engagement party
  5. Inslee on my iPhone background
  6. Out with my best friend in the whole entire world - LJ
  7. My bag c/o the Cambridge Satchel Company (Julie Deane is one of my biggest inspirations on how to own a business, run it, and be completely sane - a rare trait!)