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August 2, 2012

{life} via instagram

Adam yells at me for taking photos of myself on instagram. I'm simply tell him it's part of my job as a blogger. I live a beautiful life, a happy life, a life I want to share with others. He says it's pompous, I say it's fun! I don't take myself too seriously, don't care about how skinny or pretty one might think I look in my photos, or don't take them for bragging rights. They are more for me and the people that care to see what I'm up to. Look or don't - this is the life I love, life, and cherish to the fullest! XOXO 
  1. Nars Lipstick in Carthage
  2. Spike the Punch, Rachel Roy and a boyfriend blazer 
  3. My beloved new Prada (c/o Threadflip)
  4. The beau and I at a friends engagement party
  5. Inslee on my iPhone background
  6. Out with my best friend in the whole entire world - LJ
  7. My bag c/o the Cambridge Satchel Company (Julie Deane is one of my biggest inspirations on how to own a business, run it, and be completely sane - a rare trait!) 

1 comment:

ashlyn williams said...

i am still obsessing over your bag! WANT. good morning america had a sale on them the other day on their black, gold, + silver for $85!