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August 5, 2012

{reality star style} lindzi cox

I'll be frank here, I know next to nothing when it comes to reality star style. If you're looking for an expert turn to my favorite, The Possessionista, Dana Weiss. I ask her on a weekly basis to "buy me this, or that" she never does, but I love her anyway. What I do know is good style or what I deem as #$%^&*( I NEED THAT IN MY CLOSEST! That is the emotion Lindzi Cox has made me emit all season. Her Haute Hippie dress on the first night had my convulsing (Dana ID'd this...duh)! The girl doesn't take herself too seriously and pulls off chic and effortless style like no body's business. Let's also talk about her CC SKYE "GYPSET" necklace - get it - gypsy + jet set! 

Update: Get Lindzi's necklace at the fabulous price of $86!!  I can't deny an amazing sale!

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