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September 30, 2012

{or} else

I'll be frank. I've never really liked Joes Jeans. Phew, weight off my chest. I'm one of those girls that is CHOOSY about jeans.  I never try them on in the store. I wait until I get home and then I get all judgmental on myself. My 7 For all Mankind skinnies have seen better days, so I ventured to Macy's in pursuit of a new pair of skinny jeans to tickle my fancy. I have walked past the else display many a time and admired the crisp washes, soft touch, updated silhouettes and patterns {but I never bit the bullet}. Game changer: I caved and bought a pair. At $68 and with a great return policy I didn't have too much to lose. Lemmmeeee tell you! These jeans are amazing.  I didn't buy the darkest pair, because I didn't love the stretch in the fabric  but went with a medium wash. One word: flattering. I've never loved how Joe's fit me, I've always believed they are meant for a more mature woman's body. And I might be 26, but these Jeans read more between the ages of 23 and 35 to me {just saying}. Shop my favorite looks below!

Marc Crossman, President and CEO of Joe's Jeans, commented,
"We are thrilled to be partnering with such a distinguished American institution. We look forward to an exciting and expansive business venture and the opportunity to create a unique product offering for the Macy's customer."
The else target customer is described as between the ages of 18 and 25 years old with a strong sense of self and fashion. Joe Dahan, Creative Director and Founder of Joe's Jeans, oversees the design of else with a newly created design team working in collaboration with Macy's.
"We are excited to work with Joe's Jeans to continue to bring our customer the latest in denim fashion by an industry leader with a long-standing commitment to fit and quality, else offers innovative products at an affordable price for our young, fashion-forward customers who will love this brand."
said Tim Baxter, Senior Vice President of Macy's Women's Division.

September 27, 2012

{SOLD OUT} studded beauts.

This is one of those "woe is me" posts. The beauties over at Fashionably Broke posted these Valentino inspired stunners (they cost about $600 less than the real version). I will admit, I don't check ShoeDazzle on the regular, so when I saw these I zoomed over. Only to find SOLD OUT. This $39.95 style is swoon worthy. They look rich, sleek, sophisticated {without being stuffy}. I might just have to get the flats! IN LOVE.

Inspired by {Inslee}

Inspired by Inslee. 

{a review} from belle belle beauty

When I found this review of the new NARS Skin care I had to share! It's been flying off the shelfs at the shop and I wanted you to have an expert review! Trust me: you will adore it! 

Visit the amazing Belle Belle Beauty for more amazing tips!

"I am going to attempt to remain calm as I introduce you to the newly relaunched NARS Skin Care. But I apologize if I get a little overly excited. The brand known for beautiful color and elegant packaging has come through with some truly innovative, results-oriented, superb skin care.
Off the bat, I am swooning over the Purifying Foam Cleanser. Most of you know I love a good foaming face wash – check out some other favorites here. The Clé de Peau Beauté Gentle Cleansing Foam has long been a holy grail products for me, and I am thrilled to report this NARS face wash is so utterly similar at less than half the cost. It is highly foaming with small botanical exfoliating spheres (which are not irritating).  Wild Rose and Peony extracts soothe skin. And while this is targeted for normal to oily/combination skin, it isn’t drying and doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight. The theme of all three of my favorite products is their illuminating capabilities – cleanser included. The formula contains the NARS exclusive Light Reflecting Complex™ designed to restore skin’s youthful radiance and reflect light like a prism.
NARS ‘Skin’ Optimal Brightening Concentrate, in its elegant square jar, is unlike any other serum I have tried. The center piece of the NARS collection hydrates, soothes and boots radiance like nothing else. It comes in especially handy for big events or after a late night – the complexion really looks revitalized. Vitamin C works long term to prevent and help repair signs of aging and dark spots. This also makes a lovely primer, especially for those with oily skin. Just skip moisturizer (but not SPF) and use the concentrate under makeup.
Lastly, the Luminous Moisture Cream – certain to be a favorite for those of you with dry skin like me. Like the Concentrate and Cleanser, this cream contains the NARS exclusive Light Reflecting Complex™, so you will continue to get that brightened appearance. The rich cream has seriously intense hydration, which only makes my skin look plumper, glowier and overall more healthy. Beech Bud Extract boosts collagen production and anti-oxidants to combat free radical damage. Bravo, NARS!"

September 24, 2012

{whipped} the best in blushes.

"A super blendable, mousse-like blush for airbrushed-looking cheeks! Our exclusive, lasting formula with ultra-fine pigments even minimizes the appearance of imperfections for a flawlessly radiant glow. "

One of the best parts of working in the beauty industry is getting to play with products that have just hit the market. This Saturday we hosted a Rise + Shine makeup class at About Face and showcased the new limited edition whipped blush by Smashbox. It feels like velvet and goes on the skin like a dream. If you were scared of cream blush before, check those old memories at the door, because this sits on your skin so beautifully and blends like nothing I've ever used before. Above is the Berry Bliss and I'm also a huge fan of the second color, Dusty Rose. I wore the Dusty Rose this weekend and felt like I had a pretty glow to my skin.

Below is a {grainy} photo, but my cheeks are nice and rosey! Pick up the product at About Face or e-mail me if you have any questions!

September 21, 2012

{nina's picks} SS13

I love Nina Garcia and Moda Operandi. I was, at first, baffled by this website. The team gives you trunk shows of designer wear straight from the runway. It curates the best of the best, meaning that my favorite runway shows, can come to life in my own closet {if only I had a disposable income...right?}. I love the Marc Jacobs dress above, so decadent! Check out the striped dress Nina picked here. Those ODLR pumps leave me speechless. How amazing would they look with a tan? They are also AMAZING in nude

{feeling foxy} tory burch trend report.

Are you in on this foxy trend? 

September 17, 2012

{jcp} my picks.

When I tell people I love a good bargain they either roll their eyes or scream "MEEEE TOOOO!" the latter is usually my favorite. Having your nose turned up and only purchasing brand names or full price items is so TWO years ago. Rhetorical question answered: yes I love the pricey piece too, but in my real life I make sure to mix high and low {high meaning Tory Burch, BCBG,J.Crew and J Brand, low being TJ Maxx and Target}. While I do own some pieces that were insane to spend money on the multitude of my wardrobe is based on classic basics and frugal trendy pieces.

 No snobbery here! So, when I started plugging JCP {the brilliantly updated jc penny} into my conversations I got a lot of, "you must be joking Molly". This was about four months ago. I know what kind of customer I am, what niche market I fit into, and what it would take for a company to target me and get me into their stores. The new JCP had something that intrigued me. I don't know if it was the new marketing campaign {courtesy of a former Target employee} or the marketing maven in me that made me go into the store, a drop some serious jaw. We are talking a overhaul {see above - thank me later}.

The store can be overwhelming. So here is my list of what to look for.

  1. Worthington has great faux leather pieces and detailed items {for cheap}!
  2. Call it Spring has some trendy shoes that look spendy.
  3. Cosmopolitan {yes the magazine} created a hot shoe line and some cute undies too! {On the shoes: some of the fabrics LOOK frugal so be careful.}
  4. Great work wear that can be turned into weekend wear. {I love those tuxedo-esque pants, paired with the denim shirt, and cute flats for a weekend brunch.}
  5. Test out MNG by Mango for fun pants.
  6. The JCP brand for classics {striped and color blocked sweaters, bright colors, the usual prep}.

Find it all here

{rochester} the place to be!

It was an honor to be asked to appear in this video for Downtown Rochester. It was an amazing opportunity and a day I'll never forget! I was so nervous to put myself out into the world like this {it felt a little indulgent}, but the video really portrays the beauty, versatility, and historic components of this wonderful city.

Blazer courtesy of Karen Kane!


September 16, 2012

{iPhone 5) cute case patrol!

Nordstrom has a cute selection of perfectly preppy iPhone cases ready for your ordering! My favorite is the Monogram Dot case! The best part they retail for $38 and arrive in about a week! Woo hoo!

{luxe for less} trends on the thrift.

Jennifer Lopez Faux-Leather Motorcycle Jacket

It's all in the details this Fall. Leather accents and furry collars, detailed jeans and faux leather leggings, crushed corduroys in rich colors of mustard and hunter green. Lady like details; such as, a sequin collar go a long way. Accent your looks with wearable pieces that are versatile: an arm full of gold bracelets, a rich looking collar necklace {forever 21 has a great selection}. I'm all about going from work to weekend with my wardrobe. Invest in a structured ladylike bag and a pair of classic pumps with a twist.

Shining S-collar Top - Black, Silver, Peter Pan Collar, Sequins, Mid-length, Party, Work, Casual, Vintage Inspired

September 14, 2012

{fall color} wear it now: oxblood




Don't you ever for it! 

{style} on the plaza

Laskers blinged us out! Lora and I had so much fun!

Style on the Plaza was a huge success last night! I acted as associate stylist under the direction of Nood Reynolds. It was amazing! Below are some of the looks that our team put together. All of the looks were pulled from merchants in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota.
Photos Courtesy of

September 12, 2012

(tod-ally) in love.

Just pulled these amazing Tod's sunglasses for the Style on the Plaza Fashion Show that's happening tomorrow in Rochester, MN! I haven't fallen this hard for a pair since my first Chanel sunnies, almost 8 years ago!

Shop local and get them here:

September 9, 2012

weekend warrior.

This weekend Adam and 6 friends completed the Tough Mudder just outside of Milwaukee. If you're not familiar with the event; google it and watch the videos. It's insane. While I didn't participate, Shawna and I worried about the boys and feasted on beers, until we finally caught them in theist hour of their 12 mile and 23 obstacle trek. Dirty is and understatement. This weekend fly by. A great family dinner and some insane gambling on Friday, with my parents, sister and Ad. Saturday was devoted to the race, dinner with the Grimms at conjeitos our favorite Mexican ressie - and Adam's cousin and fiancé coming in from Germany! They both bring so much light to our lives!

Here are some fun photos from my Milwaukee weekend (and a few fashion snaps). Some braided inspiration for the fashion show I'm assisting in styling and Lauren Conrad's Cambridge Satchel - I always email them to Julie when I spot US stars with her bags! And Johanna Hillman rocking a J Brand leather jacket at NYFW!

(p.s. I'm writing this on my iPad - excuse any and all errors!)

September 6, 2012

FNO {what i would wear}

what i'd be wearing FNO


What I'd be wearing to FNO in my dreams. I was I was home in Milwaukee to participate! There are some amazing looks popping up on my Facebook news feed. I've been busy assisting in styling Rochester's biggest fashion show "Style on the Plaza" and will also be debuting my promo for shopping and dining in the city - so next week is a huge one for me - and it's all about fashion! Between pulling looks and fitting models I feel like I'm living the (midwestern) fashionista's dreams. But seriously: someone: the Rolex, Celine, and Valentino pumps would be MUCH appreciated.