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September 17, 2012

{jcp} my picks.

When I tell people I love a good bargain they either roll their eyes or scream "MEEEE TOOOO!" the latter is usually my favorite. Having your nose turned up and only purchasing brand names or full price items is so TWO years ago. Rhetorical question answered: yes I love the pricey piece too, but in my real life I make sure to mix high and low {high meaning Tory Burch, BCBG,J.Crew and J Brand, low being TJ Maxx and Target}. While I do own some pieces that were insane to spend money on the multitude of my wardrobe is based on classic basics and frugal trendy pieces.

 No snobbery here! So, when I started plugging JCP {the brilliantly updated jc penny} into my conversations I got a lot of, "you must be joking Molly". This was about four months ago. I know what kind of customer I am, what niche market I fit into, and what it would take for a company to target me and get me into their stores. The new JCP had something that intrigued me. I don't know if it was the new marketing campaign {courtesy of a former Target employee} or the marketing maven in me that made me go into the store, a drop some serious jaw. We are talking a overhaul {see above - thank me later}.

The store can be overwhelming. So here is my list of what to look for.

  1. Worthington has great faux leather pieces and detailed items {for cheap}!
  2. Call it Spring has some trendy shoes that look spendy.
  3. Cosmopolitan {yes the magazine} created a hot shoe line and some cute undies too! {On the shoes: some of the fabrics LOOK frugal so be careful.}
  4. Great work wear that can be turned into weekend wear. {I love those tuxedo-esque pants, paired with the denim shirt, and cute flats for a weekend brunch.}
  5. Test out MNG by Mango for fun pants.
  6. The JCP brand for classics {striped and color blocked sweaters, bright colors, the usual prep}.

Find it all here

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