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September 9, 2012

weekend warrior.

This weekend Adam and 6 friends completed the Tough Mudder just outside of Milwaukee. If you're not familiar with the event; google it and watch the videos. It's insane. While I didn't participate, Shawna and I worried about the boys and feasted on beers, until we finally caught them in theist hour of their 12 mile and 23 obstacle trek. Dirty is and understatement. This weekend fly by. A great family dinner and some insane gambling on Friday, with my parents, sister and Ad. Saturday was devoted to the race, dinner with the Grimms at conjeitos our favorite Mexican ressie - and Adam's cousin and fiancé coming in from Germany! They both bring so much light to our lives!

Here are some fun photos from my Milwaukee weekend (and a few fashion snaps). Some braided inspiration for the fashion show I'm assisting in styling and Lauren Conrad's Cambridge Satchel - I always email them to Julie when I spot US stars with her bags! And Johanna Hillman rocking a J Brand leather jacket at NYFW!

(p.s. I'm writing this on my iPad - excuse any and all errors!)

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