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October 25, 2012

so....i'm getting married!

So dreams really do come true. I thought my wish bracelet would be hanging by a thread for years to come, but it fell off a week after Adam proposed {that was my wish after all}. It's been a whirlwind month and I'm not entirely prepared for everything that is about to come. I've been getting lots of advice {sometimes too much}, but it's great to hear other brides trials and tribulations so that I don't make the same mistakes on my wedding day. Adam and I were doing to have our wedding in October of next year, when I REALLY thought about it, I'm just not a fall bride {if that's even a thing} - - - so we're waiting until {most likely} May of 2014. I've picked our colors, unofficially asked my bridesmaids, and started making appointments to look at venues. I've learned a few things in my first few weeks as a bridezilla:
  • The dress does NOT have to cost $5,000
  • Simple. Simple. Simple. No one cares about party favors anyway.
  • Make sure the food is kick ass.
  • Open bar ONLY
  • Pick the location before the dress {thanks Evann!}
  • Roof top drinks are a must
  • Thought enagement sessions seem stupid - do it! {again...thanks Evann!}
  • Invest in a great photographer and good music - you'll remember these two things heavily!
  • Designate a drink fetcher {this one's you Kate}
  • Have an outside party assist and coordinate on the day of

I'm not a pro yet, but I have a really strong idea of how I want our wedding to look and how I want it to feel! I want it to be a celebration of Adam and I CHOOSING to be together for every and have a giant party to celebrate that! I want lots of monograms, a sunset drinks on the roof of {location} and lots of white with dove gray accents. I want m hair down, Essie Ballet slippers on my nails, and my makeup done to perfection {lots of lashes}! I wants more white peonies that you could ever imagine and I want me guests to feel like the most important people in the world!

One last thing.... I AM SO EXCITED! 

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