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November 29, 2012

{two looks} one day.

Two looks, one day. Most of us aren't this lucky; however, when you work in the beauty industry it's about trying every product and experimenting. I thankfully work with a very  talented make up artist {Katie Kirckof. The below picture is what I looked like this morning, weary eyed, tired - BUT wit the most perfect pink lipstick! This afternoon we were asked to film a segment for local news and Katie beautified me. The biggest difference you'll notice between the before {below} and after {above} is my eyes. Katie is the best at doing a tight line, it makes all of the difference and really opens up my eyes and made the whites even brighter. You'll also notice my face looks slimmer, thanks to the Nars Multiple. Laguna was used as a bronzer and Orgasm on my cheeks. To tightline Katie used Smashbox's Jet Set Waterproof liner and she used the Nars Stylo as a liquid liner about the Winks by Georgie lashes. 

I love love love this look! And of course Primrose! What a day - leaving the office feeling beautiful!

November 26, 2012

{a dresser} chevron tales

Adam asked me what I WANTED for Christmas, I promptly replied, Tory Burch riding boots, because it seemed logical. Yes, spendy, but I'd wear them nearly everyday. Then he said, what about a dresser, you really need a dresser. I use one of our four bedrooms as an office/closet and I had no idea that he ever went in there. Pursing my six faux fur vests I assume. A dresser, I was fuming, how could this man, that I'm about to marry, think I would want a large piece of wood for Christmas. Then I came across this beauty. It would go so great with my bright orange office/closet walls and would look stunning under my dove gray monogram that hangs above my current, dilapidated mess of drawers. 

November 20, 2012

{under $100 treats}

Sometimes it can be hard to justify a treat for yourself during the relentless hours spent holiday shopping for friends and family. If you're anything like me you need to splurge on yourself in someway, without breaking the bank. Before the real gift giving beings now is a great time to stock up on some goodies that will tide your wall over until the new year. I've put together some of my favorite goodies {candles, electronics, clothes, and shoes....} to help you make the decision on what you deserve. Because no one has been naughty this year, right?

{turkey} style

Sub the Givenchy Nightingale for that bag…and I am all in.Looking good Olivia!
(reblog inspired by brooke | photo via)

Turkey Day Style Inspiration. Love this look from Miss Olivia P - well played sister. She always gets it right!

November 19, 2012

{for the boys} gift guide

What do you get the boy that has everything? The boy {and by this I mean fiance} that buys himself a steam cleaner for your hardwood floors, for fun. Treat to to the stuff he might not ever splurge on for him!

November 17, 2012

{reblogged} from work.

{monograms} $3

Personalized 3 Inch Decal

Monograms are near and dear to my heart. I could list off all of the things I have monogrammed: two necklaces, two iPhone cases, a silver jewelry box, countless key chains, St. Christopher Medals, a Cambridge Satchel, a GIANT dove gray monogram that hangs on my wall. You get it, right? I'm obsessed. So when my friend Susie stopped into my store with a stunning monogram on her phone I freaked out. When I upgraded to the iPhone 5 I needed a case - quickly - so I picked up a simple gold chevron one, but it wouldn't be very "molly" without some sort of quirk. Enter Etsy - and these $3.00 monogram stickers. I ended up going with Style 1 in Hot Pink! Enjoy! 

growing up together.

I loved this.

November 15, 2012

beauty bite.

Just some looks that are currently inspiring me at work!

November 9, 2012

{faux fur} the collar.

faux fur collar

In love! Especially with the beige one from H&M! I have two of my Nan's vintage mink collars and I adore them! Perfect for making a moto jacket more girly or adding to a simple blazer! 

{too good} to be true


Slayed by this jacket. 
streetstyled: New York streetstyler. | image via Fashables.

I just gasped. This Jacket is almost way way way too good to be true. Via one of my favorites Anyone know the designer?

{holiday dressing} under $100

November 8, 2012

{wearing} nars dragon girl

I posted this to Instagram and the crowds went wild! Let me first start off by saying I'm volunteering at a gala for the March of Dimes tonight so I'm a little more dressy than usual. I decided to keep my black dress fun with a bright read lip. I snapped this photo after my lunch to see what a mess my lipstick was {I ate a bagel}. And this was the aftermath I was met with. It was perfect! Nars has always impressed me with their lip color, after a bought of food poisoning from dinner their Carthage lipstick stayed on my lips {I'll spare you the details}. And now this....and it's red!! Win! Win! Win! It's the greatest tomato red, with blue undertones, so it works for a lot of skin tones and makes teeth look whiter! 

November 7, 2012

{d'orsay} pump deal

Because $32 is a nobrainer. Buy!

{being greedy} christmas.

want want christmas

It's just all so practical...

November 6, 2012

happy voting!

please vote!


image via inslee 

{drop waist} deal

I'm jumping on the drop waist trend a little late this season. I just ordered a similar dress in black to wear to a charity function I'm volunteering at on Thursday! I love the look of this gray version. Guess how much this baby costs - - - $59! What a deal! 

November 2, 2012

{on my mind}

This is where my head is at right now. Wedding. Wedding. Wedding. Thank goodness I have some time to plan! Can you tell what colors I'm obsessed with? Cheers to Friday! 


November 1, 2012

{black} magic

Someone asked me what my favorite color was, and in a room full of people, with all eyes on me I said BLACK. I wasn't lying!

Today only!