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November 29, 2012

{two looks} one day.

Two looks, one day. Most of us aren't this lucky; however, when you work in the beauty industry it's about trying every product and experimenting. I thankfully work with a very  talented make up artist {Katie Kirckof. The below picture is what I looked like this morning, weary eyed, tired - BUT wit the most perfect pink lipstick! This afternoon we were asked to film a segment for local news and Katie beautified me. The biggest difference you'll notice between the before {below} and after {above} is my eyes. Katie is the best at doing a tight line, it makes all of the difference and really opens up my eyes and made the whites even brighter. You'll also notice my face looks slimmer, thanks to the Nars Multiple. Laguna was used as a bronzer and Orgasm on my cheeks. To tightline Katie used Smashbox's Jet Set Waterproof liner and she used the Nars Stylo as a liquid liner about the Winks by Georgie lashes. 

I love love love this look! And of course Primrose! What a day - leaving the office feeling beautiful!

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