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December 24, 2012

a very {merry} christmas!


A Merry Christmas to you and yours. May your holiday be spent drinking bubbly with the ones you love. Adam and I are hitting the road to Cascade tonight. We will spend Christmas Eve with his family and then head down to Whitefish Bay {in Milwaukee} to spend Christmas with my family tomorrow. My family has the champagne chilled for my already. I can't wait to give everyone my presents, I'm not too concerned with what I'm getting this year. Safe travels & lots of love! 

December 23, 2012

{wife} material.




I'd like to start by saying: Henry NEEDS a dog bed and I NEED a bar cart for all of my wine bottles. 

I've convinced myself that I am wife material. I have a brilliant engagement ring on my finger, but the domestic goddess gene has not reared it's pretty head yet. Today the future hub and I wrapped presents, I kept saying it's the thought that count with a side glare he and I both knew I was lying to myself. It looked like some unfortunate fool wrapped my thoughtful gifts with their toes. I've never cooked a roast or a chicken, I don't like touching raw meat. Adam is the one that lights candles around the house and buys fancy floor steamers for the original hard wood floors in our house. But I do have something he doesn't have - good taste when it comes to decorating. We both like a bright palette  and preppy too, so when I say how about this he usually agrees with no hesitation. Over our three years together we've accumulated some pretty great things: glasses from Germany, my Nan and Papa's dining room table, another beautiful table from my parents to go behind our cognac leather couch {that we found for FREE}, and an Milwaukee brewing company antique crate and woven basket. I've bought preppy table clothes, trellis pillows,s and striped sheets and we are coming into our own style. I just don't know what to call it yet. I do know, that the items above from the Matchbook Magazine Store fit our personalities and interior aesthetic to a T. We live in a giant old house, with a front porch, Tiffany lampshades in the family room, built in china cabinet in the dining room, and no dishwasher. It's old - and has so much character. We will probably stay here for another year, but I'm craving more closet space and less square footage, I currently use one of the four bedrooms as my office/closet. It's lined with clothing racks and doesn't look too fancy - but the bright orange calls are fabulous! Cheers to getting older, and investing in oneself and ones home. EEEKS! 

December 22, 2012

{new year} in navy.

It's been done time and time before, but that doesn't mean it's tired. Navy and black reads rich and sophisticated. I usually only wear black to work, since I do work in a retail setting, and often times slip in a little navy to add some excitement. In the new year I vow to pick up more navy! Nothing says perfection like leather pants and a sequin navy blazer! cheers! 

December 18, 2012

{reblogged} The Stylish One

Top Knot Envy


What The Stylish One said, "Top knot envy."

‘Tis the Season!

“Little Tree” by Inslee

And I had to reblog this from her too. Way too cute. I love Inslee.

{wishing} and wearing.

I'll get back to it. Blogging about inanimate objects that cost thousands of dollars. But also possessions that could be yours, for less than $100. Like that STUNNING jacket. I mean it's $62.99 (I emailed it to my mom - and it will be mine for Christmas! YAY).  

And then there is this jacket. Trust me click it: wool, faux fur, leather sleeves. 


Can't wait to be with family this time next week & spend the weekend in Chicago with my best friends!

December 17, 2012

{green} with envy.

Green with Envy.

{i love you}

I have today off from work. It's much needed: laundry, finishing up errands, a good work out. However, I'm currently glued to the television - CNN to be exact. A reminder that I also have a lot of people to say "I love you" to today. 

December 15, 2012

summer days.

i miss summer. jean jackets. out door cocktail parties. and having a tan.
{it could be worse. xx}

December 14, 2012

{in my prayers} newtown.

I didn't plan on posting today. Only because my heart is heavy and the only word I keep saying over and over in my head is, why? I hopped on Twitter early to morning to see tweets about a school shooting, so I did what any curious person would do next, and checked CNN. I was horrified, mortified, and deeply saddened by one man's act of pure evil that took place in CT. Today heaven gained 26 angels, 20 of them far to young. If we can't even feel safe sending our young children to elementary school, where can we feel safe? As a child school was safe haven. Teachers cared, friends to play with, and books, and toys, and so much learning! seems like machine guns and evil intentions are taking over the school system, it breaks my heart. Education is a beautiful thing, we are so blessed to live in a nation that believes in helping us thrive and pursue our dreams. Why anyone would want to harm a child, in their classroom, is unimaginable to me. My heart broke into a million little pieces when I heard the news, when I heard a child's voice on the radio recounting the events he saw, and to think of the parents and family members of those who lost someone - just makes me feel so void of  hopefulness  In this time of holiday cheer, they are suffering, suffering more than most of us will know in this lifetime. I'll be praying for those families tonight, and I ask that you do to.

{I know this post is a little off topic. But I couldn't help share how horrified I am by this, and how I blessed I feel to have never endured an even like this in my 26 years on this earth.}

Newtown and Sandy Hook Elementary - I'm thinking about you!


December 13, 2012

{wine labels} because cheap is good!

Wedding planning has taken a toll on my common sense. Of course everyone needs custom wine labels in their life, right? I have no aversion to cheap wine. Two Buck Chuck - count this girl in; however, when gifting wine to someone, it's probably not the most polite gift to give. Look I like you and all, but I didn't want to splurge on that spendy $7 bottle. Instead, so those labels off, and repurpose your cheap wine with some custom kick! 

The great news. Wine labels cost between $1 and $.13 {provided the quantity you order}. 

The Bottle Your Brand website has great {hello chic!} designs {see above} and they are extremely affordable. 

Their are tons of pinterest board with amazing labels - follow me here! I'm thinking we will do something like this for our wedding - maybe just a each table!

{bottle your brand}

December 12, 2012

{give} an awful gift.

Have you ever gone to an ugly sweater party and you were the only loser that didn't dress up? Welcome to my world last year. Adam and I didn't dress up, and as you can imagine we were the ONLY ones! I usually have very little to say about what other people think, but this I was a bit embarrassed, especially since I take pride in my holiday outfits. This year, I planned ahead, and ordered this sweatshirt {about is the t-shirt option} on amazon {etsy} also has similar designs for sale! For $19 I plan on really getting into the Christmas spirit, but making it feel like ME. I plan on making it Molly-Esque with a faux furst vest, an arm full of my favorite bangles {tory burch, stella and dot, and j.crew - via ebay}, a GIANT statement necklace, and hunter boots! Adam won't give me my Christmas present early, but I am so eager to trot about town with my  new {orange} Tory Burch purse! BONUS: Saturday's party is a white elephant party! My co-worker didn't know what it was {LOVE YOU KATIE!} but it's where you bring an awful, and most of the time inappropriate gift! We have a huge pot luck and tons of the hosts homemade wine - I am so excited! 

A few ideas for your own white elephant party: 

{presents} sister edition

Oversized Trellis Candle — Navy Blue

Worcester Jar Matches


one sister down. one to go. i know that whatever kate buys her she will love, because our style is similar {and i bought her something i already own, and wear every day}.emily is the preppiest of our sisters and she is particular. 

8 dresser drawer knobs
 jcrew crystal venus flytrap necklace
candles for my room, I want a large one with a few wicks.  
2-3 picture frames to put pictures of my friends in.  Preferably silver, either 4x6 or 5x7.  Also a frame for the map of paris picture
 monogram iphone 4s case
bright colored scarf to wear with my winter coat
 ann taylor shirt, size small
 black polka dot pants, size 2:
 long sleeve black silk popover top, size small

that's great. except for NONE of the items on her list fit into our 'sister present budget confines', so i've spent way too much time pouring over my ipad trying to find her something. 

we try only spend about $20 each on each other. it's not about the money, but the thought behind it. 

suggestions. i welcome them! loving these ideas from the design darling, but none of them fit her detailed list {don't worry she included links too}. 

December 11, 2012

{sole} searching.

Love these open toe heels $59.95

Why is there snow on the ground? I could be wearing these {so lovely}!

{wedding} white out

I wish I could bat my eyelashes and pretend I was the carefree bride. Turns out, I want everything perfect, and perfectly chic and ethereal on my wedding day. Adam and I have a lot of planning to do, especially since I can't commit to a venue. I knew what our colors would be within 24 hours of saying "yes"! Just some pretty photos I found on {it's amazing for you brides-to-be}!