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December 12, 2012

{give} an awful gift.

Have you ever gone to an ugly sweater party and you were the only loser that didn't dress up? Welcome to my world last year. Adam and I didn't dress up, and as you can imagine we were the ONLY ones! I usually have very little to say about what other people think, but this I was a bit embarrassed, especially since I take pride in my holiday outfits. This year, I planned ahead, and ordered this sweatshirt {about is the t-shirt option} on amazon {etsy} also has similar designs for sale! For $19 I plan on really getting into the Christmas spirit, but making it feel like ME. I plan on making it Molly-Esque with a faux furst vest, an arm full of my favorite bangles {tory burch, stella and dot, and j.crew - via ebay}, a GIANT statement necklace, and hunter boots! Adam won't give me my Christmas present early, but I am so eager to trot about town with my  new {orange} Tory Burch purse! BONUS: Saturday's party is a white elephant party! My co-worker didn't know what it was {LOVE YOU KATIE!} but it's where you bring an awful, and most of the time inappropriate gift! We have a huge pot luck and tons of the hosts homemade wine - I am so excited! 

A few ideas for your own white elephant party: 

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