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December 12, 2012

{presents} sister edition

Oversized Trellis Candle — Navy Blue

Worcester Jar Matches


one sister down. one to go. i know that whatever kate buys her she will love, because our style is similar {and i bought her something i already own, and wear every day}.emily is the preppiest of our sisters and she is particular. 

8 dresser drawer knobs
 jcrew crystal venus flytrap necklace
candles for my room, I want a large one with a few wicks.  
2-3 picture frames to put pictures of my friends in.  Preferably silver, either 4x6 or 5x7.  Also a frame for the map of paris picture
 monogram iphone 4s case
bright colored scarf to wear with my winter coat
 ann taylor shirt, size small
 black polka dot pants, size 2:
 long sleeve black silk popover top, size small

that's great. except for NONE of the items on her list fit into our 'sister present budget confines', so i've spent way too much time pouring over my ipad trying to find her something. 

we try only spend about $20 each on each other. it's not about the money, but the thought behind it. 

suggestions. i welcome them! loving these ideas from the design darling, but none of them fit her detailed list {don't worry she included links too}. 

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