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December 23, 2012

{wife} material.




I'd like to start by saying: Henry NEEDS a dog bed and I NEED a bar cart for all of my wine bottles. 

I've convinced myself that I am wife material. I have a brilliant engagement ring on my finger, but the domestic goddess gene has not reared it's pretty head yet. Today the future hub and I wrapped presents, I kept saying it's the thought that count with a side glare he and I both knew I was lying to myself. It looked like some unfortunate fool wrapped my thoughtful gifts with their toes. I've never cooked a roast or a chicken, I don't like touching raw meat. Adam is the one that lights candles around the house and buys fancy floor steamers for the original hard wood floors in our house. But I do have something he doesn't have - good taste when it comes to decorating. We both like a bright palette  and preppy too, so when I say how about this he usually agrees with no hesitation. Over our three years together we've accumulated some pretty great things: glasses from Germany, my Nan and Papa's dining room table, another beautiful table from my parents to go behind our cognac leather couch {that we found for FREE}, and an Milwaukee brewing company antique crate and woven basket. I've bought preppy table clothes, trellis pillows,s and striped sheets and we are coming into our own style. I just don't know what to call it yet. I do know, that the items above from the Matchbook Magazine Store fit our personalities and interior aesthetic to a T. We live in a giant old house, with a front porch, Tiffany lampshades in the family room, built in china cabinet in the dining room, and no dishwasher. It's old - and has so much character. We will probably stay here for another year, but I'm craving more closet space and less square footage, I currently use one of the four bedrooms as my office/closet. It's lined with clothing racks and doesn't look too fancy - but the bright orange calls are fabulous! Cheers to getting older, and investing in oneself and ones home. EEEKS! 

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