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January 31, 2013

{easy room} update

Threshold™ Lamp Shade Flocked Large - Yellow
Threshold™ Flocked Shade Small - Trout Stream

These lampshades from target are everything out home needed! We picked up the blog one and shade in the same shape, in plain white! Run, don't walk! 

January 30, 2013

{interiors} at the dixon + grimm house

I am not one of those ladies that is well versed in interior design. We can all pretend to play a certain part, but I'm not good at faking this role. So, when my other half said we could get new furniture I decided I better have a vision as clear as the one for our wedding {it's crazy how particular my depiction of our reception is}. Adam and I both love white and gray, with touches of blues and greens, so that is pretty much the palette we're going to stick to. Here are some of the items we are planning to add to our family room {tv room} and dining room!

In search of the perfect Greek key rug. They are all so expensive!
Boy Painting Pink Heart by Banksy  Giclee Poster
Adam and I both love Banksy and want to add more of his art with pops of bright color to our home. We have a gallery sized canvas of his rat and polka dots painting.
Our new vase! On clearnace from Pier 1! Half price at $24.95! It was such a deal and really goes well with out color scheme {as reflected in the printed chair below}.
New dining room chairs, to match my Nan and Papa's hand-me-down dining room table. These were classic and extremely affordable. I was a little worried about purchasing them from Wal-mart, but after finding the exact same ones at Pier 1, I was sold. Plus they got great reviews! {These are the Better Homes & Gardens brand, not great if you have a super tall table}. On another note, 
Our FIRST DIY project as engaged grownups. We have two wood tables in our tv room that are great and solid, but they are stained wood and the uglist colors. I talked the fiance into doing this little project {finally}! I love chevron and I know our tables will look radiant with a right and light gray print.
We fell in love. #tjmaxx @tjmaxx
Hello Lover. So this chair happened last night. I screamed and the boy's jaw dropped. I don't think I've ever seen our home's style better encompassed in a piece of furniture. ALL of our favorite colors and a bit of whimsy. We didn't get it last night, we were waiting to splurge until we got those glorious tax returns, BUT sometimes things are WAY too good to be true, and Adam just texted me to say I needed to put it on hold NOW! {victory dance!!!!!}

{simple study} dressing quickly

I got dressed for work this morning in a flurry, and I looked cute. One problem: fresh snow. I was wearing my usual all black, with a gray faux fur, and my beloved Steven Pembrook booties {ugh}. So I'm now wearing brow riding boots {which totally throw off the chicness of my outfit, bonus, I didn't have time to put socks on}. Today's sleep side pony, would have looked perfect with the outfit above! I had to improvise, the brown, black, and gray was just too much neutral. I popped on a J.Crew necklace that was floating around in my purse, but alas it will have to do, just for today! 

If you're like me and your mornings are rushed here are some tips:
  • Lay out clothes the night before {yes, like in 3rd grade}
  • Coordinate your closet. I get frustrated when I can't find my favorite pair of trusty black jeans or leather leggings before I head to work. I keep three clothing racks on display with the items I go to most and have them organized by color and occasion  {ex. all my blazers and going out shirts in their own section}.
  • I keep most of my shoes upstairs, but always have my grab-and-go flats or boots by the door.
  • Train your hair. Don't wash your hair for a while. And then wash it. Then repeat. You'll notice over time that you can go longer and longer between washes {please keep showering, just use a cap}. I wash my hair and night and then run and curling or flat iron through it in the morning.
  • Keep a few shades of slip stick and neutral gloss in your purse. I'm often in the car before I have time to think about what my lips look like.
  • Put your bracelets, rings, and necklaces in the same place everyday. This seriously helps me shave a few minutes off my morning. If I take my watch off before I shower, and move it to my desk, I freak out when it's not on the bathroom counter.
  • Sort laundry while it's dirty. Whites vs. Colors vs. Darks. This way you know what is clean vs. dirty and the night before you want to wear your favorite white t-shirt you can throw it in the wash and have it ready to go

January 29, 2013

{etsy} finds for February!

EXAMPLE - custom statement necklace

Distinguished Designs

Scarf, Cowl, Neckwarmer.Snood with super soft eco fur in blue petrol.
Chevron studs earrings black and white chevron geometric jewelry Chevron jewelry eco fashion eco-friendly starlight woods cyber monday etsy

Starlight Woods

Extra Large (24") Wooden Monogram-Ready to Paint-Monogram your Home
Charming Little Nest
silver bar initial necklace-rose gold initial necklace-initial necklace-initial bar necklace-initial bar bracelet-initial bracelet
Momentus NY

{frank about} what's on your face

I was first introduced to dermaplaning by one of my best friends, and was instantly intrigued. I booked a facial at a plastic surgeons office in Milwaukee and was hooked! Dermaplaning is a painless procedure in which a fine blade is run over your skin, getting ride of the epidermis {dry, dull, dead skin} and also taking off any fine hairs in the process. "Dermaplaning is most often used on patients with rough, dry skin, superficial hyperpigmentation, mild acne scarring, or fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment results in a more refined, smooth, “glowing” appearance." When I had the treatment done it was an added on service that cost about $30 extra. Trained specialists are now charging between $90 and $175 for the service. As I don't have disposable income I took measures into my own hands after watching an Michelle Money talk about a little face saver. 

A product thumbnail of Fromm Facial Hair Razor

Makeup naturally sets better on skin when all 'peach fuzz' is removed. And frankly, we all have some! You want your foundation to sit flush with your skin and hair prevents that from happening, it also makes your powder more visible. These are the ones Michelle used and they are about $5.00 at Sally's Beauty Supply. Note: this is not shaving your face. I only do this about once every 3-4 months. It may seem gross and ridiculous, but do yourself a favor and try it! While you are removing hair you are also removing dead skin. In return this will help your products absorb better into your skin! 

January 28, 2013

{style side} swept away.

One of the most talked about trends on the red carpet from the SAG Awards was black and white. Another - all of the side parts! I switch my hair back and forth between center part and side part; however, I can't help feeling like my preppy roots are back in action after seeing all the lovely locks from last night. 

Is this a trend or something that will stick? Are you going to be side sweeping your bangs this week?

{j.crew for less} Etsy Shop

I posted a similar necklace below from J.Crew. I've been doing some wedding browsing on Etsy and came across this beauty. It's nearly identical and about 1/4 of the price at $24.95. Angelic, divine, simply stunning.

Get it here: Gold Necklace

Ideal Mall has an insane amount of trendy necklaces {a lot look like J.Crew} for amazing prices. Note: I'm not writing this as a sponsored post - I just discovered this shop and adore it!
Free Shipping - New Fashion Jewelry Handmade Blue Azalea Flower Necklace, bubble necklace, Party Necklace, wedding necklace

Update: I ordered this BEAUTIFUL necklace from brideblue on etsy for $11.99! She's a Milwaukee native and was gracious enough to put up a special listing for me! If you would like one I would shoot her a message ASAP! I think my sister is going for the turquoise!

{chic} weekend.

Lately I've been craving Spring. I want to wear ballet flats and not have my toes fall off. Or at least wear this outfit with adorable riding boots. 

It's been miserable weather here this weekend. Freezing rain/snow, it makes for  ice skating rink like sidewalks, and being prone to falls I'm extra cautious. I've been wearing my black boots to death {top secret: I got them on clearance for around $10}. While they have 'survived' almost two winters, they are looking a bit rough. I searched high and low, until my friend showed my her Frye 'Paige' riding boots. They come up right below my knee and have a wider calf {which I don't need, but I like the look of}. I can't wait to receive them, until then I'll be dreaming of the above outfit post. I wouldn't dare take my leopard pony hair flats out in this weather! 

Paige Tall Riding Boot by Frye

January 23, 2013

{nightly} routine

Working in the beauty industry has made me make sure I'm putting my best face forward. I now take more pride in my skin than ever before, knowing that it's one of my biggest selling tools. Humble brag: clients often asked how I have such a nice complexion or what am I personally using. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite picks with you! I know that none of these products are really 'wallet friendly' - another perk of my job! My boss gave me a Clarisonic Pro for Christmas, and I don't know how I ever lived without it. I've started using a MicroDerm wash to really scrub out my blackheads, and then I apply a recovery serum to help put moisture back into my skin, so I avoid breakouts. I love the Peter Thomas Roth Ultimate Creme in a Tube for the winter, and a couple of times a week I'll use the Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Night to ward of fine lines! These products are definitely worth a try! If you would like to order something give me a call at About Face 507.292.0922 - xo

January 5, 2013

{dreaming} of everjade.

So, this necklace here is beautiful. Everything I've dreamed of in a necklace. Including price point {hello $58!}. I can always count on my daily reads to bring me style that I didn't know existed. Thanks Emily and Elizabeth {emphasis added is one of my daily reads - and I recently came across Elizabeth's blog after Emily wished her a happy bday!}. These ladies are witty and refreshing. I'm sort of obsessed. 

January 2, 2013

{cheers} cozy.comfy.chic.

It's a new year and generally speaking I'm not one to make resolutions. I think that we should continue to work on ourselves, and stick to it, all year. I'm making a few changes: starting my morning with green juice, taking some new work out classes, working out 5 days a week, and actively seeking happiness. 

This is how I want to look all of 2013 - cozy. comfy. chic.