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January 28, 2013

{chic} weekend.

Lately I've been craving Spring. I want to wear ballet flats and not have my toes fall off. Or at least wear this outfit with adorable riding boots. 

It's been miserable weather here this weekend. Freezing rain/snow, it makes for  ice skating rink like sidewalks, and being prone to falls I'm extra cautious. I've been wearing my black boots to death {top secret: I got them on clearance for around $10}. While they have 'survived' almost two winters, they are looking a bit rough. I searched high and low, until my friend showed my her Frye 'Paige' riding boots. They come up right below my knee and have a wider calf {which I don't need, but I like the look of}. I can't wait to receive them, until then I'll be dreaming of the above outfit post. I wouldn't dare take my leopard pony hair flats out in this weather! 

Paige Tall Riding Boot by Frye

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