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January 30, 2013

{interiors} at the dixon + grimm house

I am not one of those ladies that is well versed in interior design. We can all pretend to play a certain part, but I'm not good at faking this role. So, when my other half said we could get new furniture I decided I better have a vision as clear as the one for our wedding {it's crazy how particular my depiction of our reception is}. Adam and I both love white and gray, with touches of blues and greens, so that is pretty much the palette we're going to stick to. Here are some of the items we are planning to add to our family room {tv room} and dining room!

In search of the perfect Greek key rug. They are all so expensive!
Boy Painting Pink Heart by Banksy  Giclee Poster
Adam and I both love Banksy and want to add more of his art with pops of bright color to our home. We have a gallery sized canvas of his rat and polka dots painting.
Our new vase! On clearnace from Pier 1! Half price at $24.95! It was such a deal and really goes well with out color scheme {as reflected in the printed chair below}.
New dining room chairs, to match my Nan and Papa's hand-me-down dining room table. These were classic and extremely affordable. I was a little worried about purchasing them from Wal-mart, but after finding the exact same ones at Pier 1, I was sold. Plus they got great reviews! {These are the Better Homes & Gardens brand, not great if you have a super tall table}. On another note, 
Our FIRST DIY project as engaged grownups. We have two wood tables in our tv room that are great and solid, but they are stained wood and the uglist colors. I talked the fiance into doing this little project {finally}! I love chevron and I know our tables will look radiant with a right and light gray print.
We fell in love. #tjmaxx @tjmaxx
Hello Lover. So this chair happened last night. I screamed and the boy's jaw dropped. I don't think I've ever seen our home's style better encompassed in a piece of furniture. ALL of our favorite colors and a bit of whimsy. We didn't get it last night, we were waiting to splurge until we got those glorious tax returns, BUT sometimes things are WAY too good to be true, and Adam just texted me to say I needed to put it on hold NOW! {victory dance!!!!!}

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