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January 30, 2013

{simple study} dressing quickly

I got dressed for work this morning in a flurry, and I looked cute. One problem: fresh snow. I was wearing my usual all black, with a gray faux fur, and my beloved Steven Pembrook booties {ugh}. So I'm now wearing brow riding boots {which totally throw off the chicness of my outfit, bonus, I didn't have time to put socks on}. Today's sleep side pony, would have looked perfect with the outfit above! I had to improvise, the brown, black, and gray was just too much neutral. I popped on a J.Crew necklace that was floating around in my purse, but alas it will have to do, just for today! 

If you're like me and your mornings are rushed here are some tips:
  • Lay out clothes the night before {yes, like in 3rd grade}
  • Coordinate your closet. I get frustrated when I can't find my favorite pair of trusty black jeans or leather leggings before I head to work. I keep three clothing racks on display with the items I go to most and have them organized by color and occasion  {ex. all my blazers and going out shirts in their own section}.
  • I keep most of my shoes upstairs, but always have my grab-and-go flats or boots by the door.
  • Train your hair. Don't wash your hair for a while. And then wash it. Then repeat. You'll notice over time that you can go longer and longer between washes {please keep showering, just use a cap}. I wash my hair and night and then run and curling or flat iron through it in the morning.
  • Keep a few shades of slip stick and neutral gloss in your purse. I'm often in the car before I have time to think about what my lips look like.
  • Put your bracelets, rings, and necklaces in the same place everyday. This seriously helps me shave a few minutes off my morning. If I take my watch off before I shower, and move it to my desk, I freak out when it's not on the bathroom counter.
  • Sort laundry while it's dirty. Whites vs. Colors vs. Darks. This way you know what is clean vs. dirty and the night before you want to wear your favorite white t-shirt you can throw it in the wash and have it ready to go

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