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February 1, 2013

{happy in harmony} wallet + feet

Buying heels isn't something I do often. I'm on my feet way too much during the day to warrant wearing them, but for a nice dinner or drinks with the friends, it would be nice to have a pair I felt confident in. This goes back to my, I don't wear them enough to shell out $200 mentality. Enter a tried and true favorite in the frugal department: Forever 21. Seriously, those first two pairs are straight out of Zara, but for under $30. Lucky you, all the shoes above cost LESS than $30! {Gold toe pair spotted on Elizabeth, of Unabashedly Uncorked. girl made these look straight out of J.Crew.} Now, let's be frank. These are not shoes you are going to hold onto for years, they might fall apart after 6 or 7 wears, they are trendy, not classics. It's not money well spent, but they will make your outfit everything you've dreamed of, without splurging. 

Wallet and Feet happy in harmony! Gotta love it! 

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