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February 21, 2013

I will never give up my Beauty Blender. Adam recently threw one of mine away and I freaked out. "Don't you realize that little foam ball is like $20!??!!!" More importantly, my makeup just doesn't look as fresh if I don't use it. You'll notice in a lot of celebrity Instagram photos of them in the makeup chair include this hot pink sponge in the background. 

You know that insanely perfect, velvety finish that all models seem to have on their skin? Well, more likely than not, their beautiful foundation is thanks to this little hot pink egg. This little sponge blends foundation like nobody's business, ensuring that you get even, perfect coverage with no creasing or caking (bonus points if you dampen the sponge first!). - via Refinery29

Below Kim Kardashian's makeup artist uses it to give her skin a perfect glow! 


Erin Andrews loves the little pink miracle worker too! Her makeup looks perfect for a reason!


And can you spot it backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? 


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