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April 2, 2013

no more baggage.

I put this on About Face's Facebook page and thought I would share it on my blog too. One of my favorite beauty blogs is maskCARA, she has the most helpful hints and is so informative!

My favorite under eye concealers are:

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"Usually dark circles come with some form of puff. The problem comes when you cover just the dark circle under your eye. Aside from the risk of looking like you’ve been wearing tanning bed goggles you have to deal with the concealer actually bringing out and drawing attention to your bags…but you don’t want the dark stuff to show either! What to do?!
Let me suggest applying the concealer in a pie piece under your eye instead. This way you cover the darkness and create a little arrow direction the attention right to your eyes and evening out your cheek in the meantime. Total life saver. Try it with a yellow based concealer..."

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Monica said...

Great Trick! thanks for sharing =)