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June 13, 2013

And we're back! Thank you so much for your patience and loyalty while Molly Dixon - The Blog got a bit of a makeover. Ashlyn of Let it Be Beautiful did an amazing job of bringing my vision for a new design to life. If you are thinking of investing in your blog, I highly recommend working with this brilliant beauty.

Now back to the root of it all - giving you information that I adore!

 I've been seen this tip a lot of places, but every time I say it out loud people exclaim "Are you serious?", so I figured there had to be a few of you out there that were behind the times {sorry} as well. 

While I love my fine jewelry, most of the time it doesn't get worn on a daily basis, with the exception of my engagement ring. I prefer my Tory Burch earrings vs. my diamond studs and my Forever 21 bangles vs. something that won't turn my wrist green. Here lies my point: costume jewelry will turn your fingers, neck, wrists, and ears green. It will also tarnish and for a lot of you cheap earrings will also infect your ears {gross, gross, and even more gross}. I've taken to spray painting my jewelry with a clear coat of high gloss spray paint. My beloved Stella & Dot Renegade bracelet looks nothing like it did brand new, and all of my Tory Burch bracelets have tarnished {even the silver ones}. For studs that I know will infect my ears {I can usually only wear white gold} I paint the backs with a clear nail polish. 

To give old jewelry new life whip out the silver and gold high gloss metallic spray paint. This stuff costs about $5 a can and can breathe new life into pieces you've owned for a while. 


ashlyn williams said...

what a great tip! i will most def have to try it! thanks for sharing pretty girl.

& i love love LOVE how your design turned out! eeeek!


Marissa at Style Cusp said...

The new design looks FAB lady! Congrats - it must feel so good to have a new refreshing look :)