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June 15, 2013

chasing paper: born in the hustling sparkle of NYC, roots in the Heartland.

The universe sends you the funniest messages sometimes, sometimes those messages are from your little sister and they open up a world of history. A few months ago, Emme, my sister send me an article on a Milwaukee native that created a unique company - Chasing Paper - stylish removable wallpaper for the urban home. I was instantly curious and had to get to the bottom of it all...who, what, where, how!? I sent them an e-mail {and the lat name of the creator sounded crazy familiar - Milwaukee isn't really THAT big}. A few hours later my inbox pinged with a e-mail that would bring everything full circle, and make Chasing Paper even more brilliant {it's pretty brilliant to begin with}. To make it simple: my fiance's dear grandma was the nanny for the the girl behind Chasing Paper. I can't wait to get my hands on a few pieces of this product! Adam and I have a few tables that need a fresh coat of white paint and a perfectly patterned top. And let's be honesty, who doesn't want {need} a black & white striped wall in their home? The Chasing Paper website has a wealth of ideas on customization. 

Change up the look of your:

Single Wall
Entry Way
Side Table
Kitchen Back splash
Serving Tray
OR use it as artwork

1 comment:

ashlyn williams said...

what a cute story + a small world!

love these printed wallpaper, so fun!