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August 9, 2013

Trending Patterns of 2013: Home Edition

Adam and I have been on the hunt for the perfect house for a while now. Where we live in Minnesota ranches and split levels are bountiful in their availability, I like idea of having the bedrooms up stairs and the living space downstairs, so our hunt is going to be a giant test of patience. I use the Zillow iPhone app almost daily to see if anything exciting has been put on the market, so I'm thrilled to share with you some interior design tips from the home experts themselves. Enjoy! 

Geometric patterns have made a huge comeback in the interior design industry in the last few years. Although preppy patterns like paisley and argyle have always been prevalent amongst Hamptons-style designers, 70s mod shapes are finding their way back into chic homes and apartments.
Here are some of the most popular trending patterns of 2013.


Italian fashion designer Missoni is often credited for popularizing the signature zigzag pattern known as chevron, which is found gracing every surface – from throw pillows to duvet covers. The transition of the pattern from cocktail dresses to accent walls is one that has decorators and homeowners excited. Want to incorporate chevron into a room for less? Simply paint one interior wall with the signature design and instantly glamorize a dated space.


The word quatrefoil literally means “four leaves” in Latin, which is fitting for this decorative arrangement. The pattern seems to be most popular in throw rugs and lamp shades, but is diverse enough to adorn any accent piece. In addition to fabric, quatrefoil is also a shape used for decorative mirrors, wrought iron headboards and even window frames.


Herringbone has a shape similar to chevron, but has a unique, overlapping design. As seen in the above image, the grainy texture, unclean lines and varying shades of the wood make the herringbone pattern a versatile option. Modern and classic interiors are complemented nicely by this pattern, seen in the wood floor example above. Herringbone is often displayed on tweed material, rugs and even in brick configurations.


Hexagons are not just for math class anymore. This shape is a classic go-to for bathroom tile, but designers are also using the pattern in wallpaper, windows and light fixtures. However, hexagon in moderation is key. To avoid that super-modern feel, limit this pattern to one or two places in a room.


Tribal patterns add warmth and funk to an otherwise bland space. Some Aztec styles incorporate 10+ colors that would otherwise be a taboo combination in the design world. However, the above configuration exemplifies how to blend a busier tribal pattern seamlessly into an interior space.

Greek Key

Typically seen in bordering, Greek key, also known as meander, is a pattern that is made out of one continuous line. Historically, this pattern has graced Grecian pottery and ancient Egyptian tombs, but now can be found on modern comforters and headboards.

Mix and Match

Combining patterns is undoubtedly the boldest trend of 2013 and creates an eclectic design. Don’t be afraid to mix up new styles, but make sure that a few core pieces or colors bring the room together. Notice the bold quatrefoil curtains set the tone, while a tribal and painterly throw pillow clash tastefully and draw attention both to the great height of the ceilings and the comfortable warmth of the sofa.   
From bedroom to living room, bold geometric patterns add color and character to a home. Incorporate these noteworthy prints to give spaces a contemporary and trendy facelift.

*Photos courtesy of Zillow Digs

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