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September 8, 2013

Put a Bow on It: Gina Made It

Per my previous post you may have noted that I put a pretty big emphasis on hair. It's true, a bad hair day throws off my game: I feel less confident in client meetings, I don't push myself as hard at the gym, and I usually feel like my outfit isn't on point. Oh to be a lady, right? Three weeks ago I switched up my hair game and got tape in extensions, they have been a heaven send {except for that four wefts fell out this week, after only three that normal?}. With these new extensions I can wear my in beach waves, pin straight, and up in a top knot. Recently my top knot game was upped with a sweet care package from Gina Made It. If you grew up in the Mid-West like this little lady, but know you're a southern belle at heart, then Gina Made It has your pretty little name all over it. Beautiful headbands, monograms, and the sweetest top knot bows you've ever laid your pretty little doe eyes on. The lovely ladies at Gina Made It sent me a beautiful gold bun bow {see above} and the most perfect berry velvet headband {see below, dead center} to get me through fall and winter. Read the gorgeous Regina's story here

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