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November 28, 2013

Give Thanks!

Have the most wonderful thanksgiving. I'm home in Whitefish Bay looking forward to spending (half) the day with my family and the other half with the finance's. This year, and every year, I have so much to be thankful for. Health, happiness, my family, a wonderful fiancĂ©, Henry Ann the pup, the greatest friends I could ever imagine, a fantastic and challenging job. The list goes on and on and on - because what I listed above could be considered luxuries. I've never had to go a night without a roof over my head or a lay down to bed worrying about where my next meal would come from. 

Sending love and thanks to you and yours on this beautiful day! XO

November 25, 2013

upscale errands: the effortless way

upscale errands

I mean you could run errands in your Lululemon or you could wear a Chanel pin. The decision is totally yours. On most weekends you can find me in an outfit similar to the one above (minus Chanel). Nothing like a great pair of boots, classic dark skinny jeans, a denim shirt, and a bag big enough to throw everything in. What do you wear out and about? 

Madewell snap shirt

J Crew red vest

J Brand jeans

Loeffler Randall flat shoes

Nylon bag
$92 -

Stud earrings

Chanel brooch

November 21, 2013

Haute Holiday: CATE KATAN

As one of those girls that has everything she could possibly ever need - and more - I feel awful around Christmas time. I know that I'm a nightmare to shop for. On the bright side the gifts I ask for are rarely extravagant or ridiculous. Adam has done a great job the past few years, minus the whole gift card fiasco. Instead of focusing on big name brands, this year I thought it would be nice to throw a chic homegrown brand your way enter - CATE KATAN. Katy Chia, one of the sweetest girls I've ever met, makes the most beautiful baubles. They are delicate and made with such love and attention to detail that they would be any girls dream. I know what you're thinking, these necklaces must cost a fortune, and I know you're thinking over $100. They cost less than $100, less than $50, and for the most part less than $20. Which necklaces if your favorite? I'm currently obsessed with all things dainty, my friend Kelsey has currently ben rocking the double layered look above, and it is flawless. The back necklace is perfect for everyday wear - you can layer it - or it stands beautifully on its own. For my Wisco girls, the Wisconsin necklace is perfection. It would be a great gift from one of my little sister (Hi Emme! Hi Kate!). I'm partial to necklaces, but CATE KATAN also makes the most stunning earrings! Please stop by CATE KATAN on Etsy! Make sure to check out their Facebook page for updates on new styles - she is always adding beautiful pieces! 

The lovely Katy has a special offer for all of you beautiful souls when you purchase something from CATE KATAN make sure to enter MOLLY25 when you checkout for 25% OFF exclusively for Molly Dixon - The Blog readers! 

November 19, 2013

The Perfect One.

Our family room is definitely the hub of our home. Adam, Henry Ann (the pup) and I can usually be found here. I occupy the blue and white printed chair and Adam stays put on our cognac leather couch with Henry curled up next to him. Right now we live in an old house, it has beautiful built-ins and the details are impossible to find in new construction; however, as we make a life for ourselves in Rochester we're looking at the bigger picture and putting our adult pants on - it's time to buy. Having an open concept kitchen and family room would be such a luxury. Right now our house is boxed into rooms - our front door opens to a huge entry way that moves right into our family room, but the kitchen, dining room, mudroom, bathroom, and the refrigerator (which has its own hall) don't flow. I just want to knock out walls! I've taken to Pinterest and Houzz (where I grabbed the photos below from) to see what really appeals to me.

My don'ts:
Dark, stuffy, lots of brown wood, tile floors, closed off spaces, low ceilings, not enough natural light, cookie cutter

My do's:
Open, airy, easy, unpretentious, classic, white, mixed patterns, personality, a big yard for Henry Ann, stainless steel appliances, built-ins

Oh....and this girl wants double sinks and her own walk in closet. Walk in the park, right?

I want our home to feel like a home, not a hospital (no offense babe).  

November 18, 2013

lust list:

Adam Loves Molly: Engagement Photos

Well, it was unexpected but the fiance had the BEST time having our engagement photos taken. It was a day I really worked myself up about. The hair, the makeup, the outfits, looking 'fat'; however, it ended up being a perfectly rainy day, with our perfectly adorable photographer. Kim, of Kim Thiel Photography, made us feel so at ease - admittedly we did need to have a cocktail or two to loosen up. I love how our photos turned out. In fact, I'm obsessed. I think they capture Adam and I perfectly and I'm happy with how we looked and LOVE how happy I feel when I look at these photos and think about that day...and all the days we have together! We're getting into crunch time - ahhh! Less thank 6 months. I had our Save the Dates designed tonight and even bought us a wedding domain name - (serious as a heart attack). I hope you enjoy our photos! Our hometown, Milwaukee, served as a beautiful backdrop! Thank you again Kim - I can't wait for you to capture our big day!!!!!

....more after the jump!

November 7, 2013

Featured: Gwenyth Brand

I thought I would try and NOT turn this blog into all things wedding, but it turns out when something is consuming your life - it consumes your blog (sorry...not sorry). Right now I've got six months to go and it's crunch time in the gym, literally and figuratively. When I'm not doing yoga, pilates, barre or cardio, I'm tracking my calories like a psycho. I even punch in my daily glass of pinot grigio (don't judge - keeps the mind sharp).


A HUGE congrats to the team behind Gwenyth for reaching their Kickstarter campaign goal - watch the video above - truly remarkable! Being that this is fashion-y blog I'm not going to bore you with my eating habits and gym routine, but rather have a heart to heart with you about what you should be wearing in the gym. If you are anything like me a stop at the gym doesn't justify going home to shower just because you sweat ( a lot), there are still errands to run. You need your wine, Henry needs his dog food and the list goes on and on. A zip up is great to throw on for the walk from the car to class, but what about when you get into class - and I'm sorry I don't want anyone in Target seeing my tush in skintight spandex (even though it is cute).

Gwenyth has an amazing philosophy of bridging the gap between fashion and functionality. I am loving working out right now and I like to look good doing it. I'm not one those " oh mmmm geeee I hate people that try to look cute at the gym" it's not that I try, I just don't want to wear Adam's t-shirt from high school football.

Their Modern Classic tank isn't obviously sporty, it can make the transition seamlessly from class to the shopping cart. The best part, after I'm done with yoga or pilates it transitions to a tunic. Workout pants can tend to show every lump, bump and curve of your body. Mine is far from perfect, so I love having the ability to make it longer for more coverage.


Gwenyth is giving away one of their Modern Classic tanks on their Facebook page and soon they will be launching a 2.0 version which I am dying to try out!