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December 22, 2013

Tis the season!

Especially this time of year. The line for Santa was two city blocks long today. Those poor angry parents. 

I ordered these little gems for NYE of off Etsy! Can't wait for a dear friends party! 

Heading home to my favorite city, Milwaukee, on Tuesday. Grimm family Christmas Eve and Dixon family christmas day. I'm so lucky to have the most wonderful family and can't wait to see my best friends. 

I added some ombré to my hair! Thank you Vicki at Salon Chic! And thank you Kelsey for trimming the roughe piece on the the bathroom. 

Chinese buffet. Can you guess which plate is mine? 

We had a festive Saturday night last week at my bosses house! Tis the season for cocktail weenies (wrapped in bacon). 

December 13, 2013

Classic Black

classic black.

There are many things I'm wrong about. One of the few that I will deem a "do not challenge me on" is how classic a black bootie can be. Certainly there are ways to make this shoe edgy, preppy, sexy or modern; however, it's very hard to wear the look wrong. Above are some of my favorite black booties. Wedges, heels, buckles, gold, and Western influence. I'm swooning over the Rag & Bone pair you never seen before (kidding). 

Below are a few more of my favorites: 

December 10, 2013

you need it: leopard vest

I don't think I can live without this vest from Banana Republic. And her collection of arm ornaments is fantastic. #wishlist (oh and it's only $130!)