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June 25, 2013

Tuesday: Top Picks

June 24, 2013

Weekend: Wedding Edition

Dress {j.crew} Necklaces {j.crew} Wedges {Banana Republic}
 A's tie is Ted Baker, his shirt is from Trunk Club, and his shoes at Allen Edmonds.

Steph looked SO beautiful! 

Gossip Girl 2.0?

{finally!} Gave the girls their "help me tie the knot" gifts! Still have 3 more to track down!

I got to spend this weekend with some of my favorite people in the world. My family and my two best friends - LJ and Kaela. We were all back in Milwaukee celebrating the wedding of one of our oldest friends Steph! It was a beautiful night: peonies, champagne, dancing, and a room full of so much love. When we're all together we get a little camera happy {see the senior pictures pose}, but no one else can compare to the fun I have with my lady loves.

I am SO emotional at weddings. I keep thinking about the day Adam and I walk down the aisle next year. My dad giving a speech, two families becoming one {I'm so excited}, the rehearsal dinner, the love, it's just going to be such a magical evening and I'm so blessed to be able to share it with the love of my life, my best friends, and my family - new and old.

Interview: Michelle Money

I will be the first to admit that reality television isn't a guilty pleasure of mine, it's a real pleasure that I'm 100% confident in owning. Since Michelle Money made her debut on the Bachelor I knew that this was one chick I had to keep following. So I did, via Twitter, Facebook, and her YouTube Channel {links are the the bottom of the page}. Miss Money is not only stunning, but she is totally down to earth {rare, I know}! She was kind enough to do an interview with me, and I can say with certainty that I adore her even more! 

1. We watched you on the Bachelor and Bachelor Pad, and it seems like the 'Bachelor Family" is pretty close. Do you raid one another's closets? Who do you think has the most covetable wardrobe out of all the ladies who have been on the show?

If I could share closets with one of the other contestants I would for sure choose Jillian Harris! I LOVE her style and her personality that goes with it! She is sassy, sexy and sophisticated just like her wardrobe!

2.I'm a huge addict of your YouTube Channel. You are Laura genuinely love and value each other so much, which makes it so fun to watch! Is there a video you've put up that you look back now and say "OMG WHAT WAS I THINKING?"

um. Yes.  It is (was ) an interview I did with an x boyfriend on what men like in women! Turns out he doesn’t have much personality on camera and It came across as such! I didn’t have the heart to NOT upload it so I did.  I ended up taking it down after getting into a fight and then just “forgot” to put it back up! Haha!

3.I bought snedges aka sneaker wedges and they have yet to see daylight! What is one trend you could live without right now? 

Probably would be super short shorts .  Mainly because my boootay is NEVER going to look good in those! You have to have some seriously amazing legs to go along with the butt that is practically hanging out! Haha!

4. There are so many celebrities with amazing style. Would you rather be the Rachel Zoe getting people ready for the red carpet or the one wearing the couture gown? Who do you look to for inspiration for your daily style?

I would rather be the one wearing the gown for sure!!! I always go to Sarah Jessica Parker for style inspiration.  Her and Rachel Bilson! OH, and  MK and Ash.  P.S. I watched full house with Brielle last night and kinda wanted to cry in mourning for their innocence. 

5. I think it's safe to say you modernized the monogram! I give you 100% credit for making it chic and un-stuffy, what are some of your go to jewelry pieces?

Ah, well thanks!!! I definitely always have something from Jennifer Zeuner on.  And my Twisted Silver necklaces are always layered on top! I feel naked without at least one necklace on!

6. Let's talk beauty. You're the only expert in my eyes (didn't mean to make you blush) with the MMandL show, your new salon, and your own segment on LOOK TV - so what are your favorite products right now? 

Lips: Peach brightening gloss from Bobbi Brown
Eyes: Make up Forever eye liner number 10L!! 
Blush: MAC harmony for contouring
Foundation: Dior Skin Foundation!
Skincare: Eminence

7. What spring trends are you loving color wise? Did you jump on the neon bandwagon?

I have loved adding a touch of neon here and there! But it actually freaks me out because it takes me back to when I lived in Provo Utah and I was like 9 years old and thought I was a professional New Kids On The Block back up dancer.  I wasn't obviously. But the colors are still swirling around in the back of my head.  The very NEON colors.  Mini puke. 

8. At 26, I have 10 unites in my forehead, because I was obsessed with not having "elevens"! If you don't mind dishing it out when did you start using Botox? I totally agree that it's just the same as coloring your greys, getting microderm, and putting topicals on our face!

I have been getting Botox done now for two and a half years! I now get it done at least 3-4 times a year! As long as you go to someone who can be trusted to not shoot you up too much, it is a great way to look young, fresh, and less tired!

9. We've seen your hair totally transform from light brown, to Ombré, extensions vs none. Which is your favorite way to go? P.S. I will only curl my hair the "Money Way" no!

I have come to realize that I always end up going back to the freaking extensions.  My favorite right now is the natural beaded rows.  I have tried them all though! And I never really veer too far from the color it is now.  I LOVE Ombré hair for so many reasons! I love that you can have that natural look but also be able to enhance your eyes and face through the placement of the color you use to melt in.  It’s so low maintenance and it just gives off that effortless beauty look that I am in love with!

10. What else do you want us to know about you? I don't think our girl crushes could get any bigger!

Basically that I am a lover of all things beauty related but I truly believe that you will never feel beautiful on the outside until you feel beautiful on the inside.  Honesty is very important to me.  Being honest with yourself is one of the most liberating and exciting journeys you will ever go on! And it is an endless journey of loving and accepting yourself as you are! Live your truth. Speak your truth. But do it with the right color of foundation for crying out loud!

Much Love,
Michelle Money

June 19, 2013

Karen Kane: Inspiration

Drooling. That's what this Karen Kane Moto Jacket left me doing. I've taken some outfit photos {truth: soon to be revealed - this kind of thing takes a bit of teeth pulling on my end - it terrifies me to be judged}. When I received a box full of goodies from Karen Kane I couldn't have felt more special. I told my mom who proceeded to say, "Ohhhh! Your grandma loves Karen Kane!!! " I love my grandma, but our sense of style has a sixty year age gap. The point of this: Karen Kane caters to all ages, and in my opinion has really modernized their brand. Printed pants, high necked maxi dresses, and chic tops in modern cuts were all on my radar. I can't wait to share these pieces with you over the next couple of weeks {saying it here holds me accountable - no more being shy}! Outside of my blog post, this moto jacket has been getting a ton of wear, it's a perfect jacket to throw on when I'm heading out the door. It goes with everything and stripes make any day better, and any outfit more enviable!

It even made it out for my friend Steph's bachelorette party in Chicago!
Pictures in Collage via these beautiful gals: Devon Rachel + Bows & Sequins + Sharing My Sole

June 15, 2013

chasing paper: born in the hustling sparkle of NYC, roots in the Heartland.

The universe sends you the funniest messages sometimes, sometimes those messages are from your little sister and they open up a world of history. A few months ago, Emme, my sister send me an article on a Milwaukee native that created a unique company - Chasing Paper - stylish removable wallpaper for the urban home. I was instantly curious and had to get to the bottom of it all...who, what, where, how!? I sent them an e-mail {and the lat name of the creator sounded crazy familiar - Milwaukee isn't really THAT big}. A few hours later my inbox pinged with a e-mail that would bring everything full circle, and make Chasing Paper even more brilliant {it's pretty brilliant to begin with}. To make it simple: my fiance's dear grandma was the nanny for the the girl behind Chasing Paper. I can't wait to get my hands on a few pieces of this product! Adam and I have a few tables that need a fresh coat of white paint and a perfectly patterned top. And let's be honesty, who doesn't want {need} a black & white striped wall in their home? The Chasing Paper website has a wealth of ideas on customization. 

Change up the look of your:

Single Wall
Entry Way
Side Table
Kitchen Back splash
Serving Tray
OR use it as artwork

June 14, 2013


Dani Notes is one of my favorite companies to work with. Not only are the products impeccable and the designs beautiful, but Danielle {he owner and creator} is a joy to work with. I don't think I can leave the house without receiving at least one compliment {i's usually more like ten} on my iPhone case. There are so many new designs in the Dani Notes Etsy Shop, that I urge you to take a look and enter to win! 
Thank you Dani for giving my readers he opportunity to look and feel as chic as I do when I'm about with one of your cases on my phone!

good luck! xx 

*please make sure you complete each step to be entered to win*


June 13, 2013

And we're back! Thank you so much for your patience and loyalty while Molly Dixon - The Blog got a bit of a makeover. Ashlyn of Let it Be Beautiful did an amazing job of bringing my vision for a new design to life. If you are thinking of investing in your blog, I highly recommend working with this brilliant beauty.

Now back to the root of it all - giving you information that I adore!

 I've been seen this tip a lot of places, but every time I say it out loud people exclaim "Are you serious?", so I figured there had to be a few of you out there that were behind the times {sorry} as well. 

While I love my fine jewelry, most of the time it doesn't get worn on a daily basis, with the exception of my engagement ring. I prefer my Tory Burch earrings vs. my diamond studs and my Forever 21 bangles vs. something that won't turn my wrist green. Here lies my point: costume jewelry will turn your fingers, neck, wrists, and ears green. It will also tarnish and for a lot of you cheap earrings will also infect your ears {gross, gross, and even more gross}. I've taken to spray painting my jewelry with a clear coat of high gloss spray paint. My beloved Stella & Dot Renegade bracelet looks nothing like it did brand new, and all of my Tory Burch bracelets have tarnished {even the silver ones}. For studs that I know will infect my ears {I can usually only wear white gold} I paint the backs with a clear nail polish. 

To give old jewelry new life whip out the silver and gold high gloss metallic spray paint. This stuff costs about $5 a can and can breathe new life into pieces you've owned for a while.