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January 15, 2014

Happy Wednesday!

My goal is to try and update here at least three times a week. Sorry folks! Work, life, and oh...THAT WEDDING OF MINE are getting in the way. My six bridesmaids and I are off to Vegas the first weekend in April to celebrate me becoming a Mrs. Tickets are booked and my sweet father got us rooms at the Cosmopolitan (my favorite hotel)! I can't wait - and don't worry - it's not going to be your typical bachelorette party. I want sunning by the pool, lots of champagne, and nothing cheesy. Techno - no thanks! Chandelier Bar - count me in!

This week I featured in the Post Bulletin, our local newspaper, talking about spring trends. I sound 100% snarky. Sorry, I'm not sorry PURPLE ORCHID AND CROP TOPS AND MILEY.

Above are just a few things on my wish list right now! I'm off to Pilates Barre class! Happy Wednesday!

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