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January 27, 2014

Keeping Some Room.

I'm posting this from my phone right now. To be honest lugging my laptop into bed just seemed far too laborious. I had the greatest weekend at home with Adam and one of my MOHs, my sister, Emme. It was a big weekend and it left me drained. It's amazing how many emotions one can go through in 48 hours. This weekend is one I will never forget.

It was so special to see Adam get so excited for our big day. The cake tasting and filet might have had something to do with it, but it was the sweetest thing ever. I brought my dress back with me to Rochester and he nearly shrieked, "Am I going to see it?!? NO!!!! I can't see it!" I reassured him it was safely covered in two garment bags. I keep imagining seeing one another for the first time and I get goosebumps (and cry). I could not be more excited to call this man my husband in a little over three months. He is truly one of a kind, so loyal, so sweet, and so good at bringing me back to earth. Sometimes I need to be grounded. By sometimes I mean a lot. We truly bring out the best in one another . This weekend we checked off all the major things on our wedding to do list and I can confidently say our wedding is going to be one of the most beautiful, romantic, and FUN celebration y'all have seen! 

As I browsed my Pinterest I found the quote above. I think sometimes we get so tied up in the details, the perfection, and the circumstances that we don't leave room to let anything spectacular happen! I am so guilty of doing this. So join me in letting the unimaginable happen, I think it's all going to be pretty fantastic. 

Happy Monday! Now go on and show this week how fantastic you are! 

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