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January 7, 2014

Lash Lash Baby.

When I hear about a product that someone else can't live without I immediately jump on the bandwagon. Especially when it costs less than $3. After reading Kirbie's rave reviews about Jordana Mascara, I picked up three tubes - one for Kelsey, Claire, and myself. Claire and I loved it, but we both have naturally super curly lashes. Kelsey said it made her lashes stick straight out - bummer. This is one of those products that I will keep buying over, and over, and over again! 

I love this video! Can you say amazing lashes! 

Get it here!

Jordana Mascara, $3
I've read and read and READ, what seems endlessly, about Jordana. The $3 "Miracle in a Tube." People raved about how it enhanced their lashes better than anything else they'd ever tried, and all you had to do was hop on over to the drugstore to pick it up. For some reason, I could not find it at all in Los Angeles, and had read I'd need to order it from the UK, so that made me want it more. Until I went to Texas for Thanksgiving — and my best friend's little sister, Lily, had amazing lashes. They looked long, full, and most of all, CLEAN. No clumps. Her bottom lashes looked fake — that's how good they were. And sure enough, it was Jordana! So I drove myself to the nearest Walgreens to pick up a few tubes (that cost me less than $10) and voila! So whenever people ask me if my lashes are real, I pull out Jordana and tell them to thank me later.

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