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June 30, 2014

line i love: MINKPINK

MINKPINK is a fantastic line of affordable and trendy pieces. Almost everything is under $100. The pieces can be worn according to your personal style - preppy, classic, boho...the options are endless. One of my favorite pieces is the Aztec Maxi Dress seen above. Check out some of the other pieces I love below. The Tacos and Tequila shirt is perfect for a day on the boat, right?

June 29, 2014

molly's wearing: all gold everything

As you get older worlds, from all spaces of life, start to collide. Katy, of Cate Katan, is one of my dear friend Kelsey's best friends. She designs the most beautiful jewelry {I blogged about Cate Katan when she first opened her Etsy shop a few months ago}. While I generally consider myself pretty classic and preppy at heart, I ordered this gold dipped arrow necklace last week. Elizabeth, from Unabashedly Uncorked, rocks is fantastically. 

This week I partnered with an online retailer for independent designers and I ordered a dreamy monogrammed necklace  {MGD - insert beer jokes here} and I can't wait to show you how they pair together. I think the juxtaposition will work really well! Thoughts? 

June 25, 2014

adamlovesmolly: in black + white

I have not shared many wedding photos on the blog. I just put some up on Facebook last week. They feel sacred and special. I still look at them everyday in awe that it really happened. I've decided to share photos of my people: my family and my best friends. The people that have supported us, loved us, encouraged us and made our wedding day the most perfect day I've ever witnessed. Our amazing photographers Kim and Kari took over 1,000 photos. I have so many favorites, but there is something just so magical about black and white photos. They look timeless and elegant and just make me swoon.  I'll make sure to show our decor soon. It was so beautiful and the peonies....le sigh!

with my sisters + bests before walking down the aisle. 

right after our first look. 


i am so blessed with the most beautiful younger sisters. 


good looking group. 

smiles all around. 

the dixon family. 

the grimm family. 

i love him. 

so. so. so. so. happy. 

blank wall solution: free prints

The husband and I moved into the new house we built {not with our own hands} about a month ago. We purchased new furniture, some new accessories and right now I'm dealing with a lot of blank walls. We have some artwork and I love all of it, but this house has so much useable {and beautiful} wall space that I've been looking for ways to decorate them without spending a fortune.

Step One: Pinterest
Step Two: Free Printables

I downloaded these from smitten on paper - perfect for the office wall, in simple white frames. 

Burlap + Blue has a great list of free printables. I especially love the state ones. Home is where the heart is, and I wouldn't hate looking at Wisconsin when I get homesick for Milwaukee. 

I love my monograms and For Chic Sake has the cutest {very easily} customized monograms.

Any decorating ideas? Send them my way:



June 24, 2014

the fourth:

With the fourth right around the corner, I've picked some of my favorite red, white and blue pieces to show you! One of the easiest ways to stay cute and cool is to throw on a romper {just make sure it's age appropriate}. For night you can toss on a great jean jacket. In my opinion nothing pairs better with patriotic colors than gold. Choose a few key accessories to tie your look together. If wearing all three isn't your thing {it's ok - it's not mine} go with just blue and white. It's a classic look and you'll still be celebrating in style! 

June 18, 2014

Molly Loves: Soft Pants + Life

I refuse to wear anything with a button or zipper. Only slightly kidding. Soft pants have recently made their way into my wardrobe, I think I bought 5 pairs last week. My friend Claire looked so darn cute in them I just had to copy! These ones are Kensie, I snagged them on sale at Macy's. I've worn them four times in the last 10 days and I'm not saying sorry. Not only do they look chic, I feel like I'm in PJ's at my desk! 

In other news:

Vinyl Gator sent me this adorable monogram for my work folio. 

This card really spoke to me while waiting in line for burch on Sunday. Sorry I have resting bitch face....not.

"Go the extra mile. It's never crowded." Just a little tush kicker when I needed one. 

Cambria opened a gallery in Rochester and knows how to throw a party! Mariel Hemingway was there (Dree's mom...I die) and she was stunning! 

There are peonies everywhere and I could not be more thrilled! 

These Forever21 pants rock my world. 

Henry Ann enjoys luxury bedding and holding his mama's hand.

....and there are my last two weeks! 

Featured In: Rochester Magazine's Beauty Book

I don't think I ever shared this! In May I was featured in Rochester Magazine's Beauty Book! It was such an honor to be a part of, and was so much fun shooting with Olive Juice Studios

I kept my look on a budget too: Jeans // Old Navy Rockstar // Blazer // h&m // Blouse // Francesca's // Shoes // Aldo (they are so uncomfortable, but sure are pretty!) // Watch // Michael Kors

{sorry for the poor quality - screen shot queen}

June 8, 2014

what i'm wearing: weekend easy

easy weekend

The easiest weekend basics come from what I already have in my closet. Since we moved into the new house it's been nonstop between decorating, moving out of the old one and balancing work and weekend commitments, I've been all sorts of crazy. On a typical weekend the above would be my go to look. This weekend it was a denim shirt and soft pants from T.J. Maxx (MSRP $60, got them for $19.99 - woo hoo)! My sister and mom came to visit this weekend and Emme insisted we go to T.J Maxx so she could pick up the same pair (nerd)! You can see the pants on my Instagram - @McKerihan.

A simple white blouse, a statement necklace {this can take the look from day to night}, a pair of ripped jeans {Old Navy's Rock Star's have been amazing for me}, a classic tote, an timeless watch and a pair of sandals that will never go out of style. My classic and preppy roots always take me back to Tory Burch

June 5, 2014

#adamlovesmolly: wedding day hair!

Another wedding update! I absolutely loved my wedding day hair. It was chic, simple and held up all night, through drinks and lots of dancing.

Gina Barrington, of Wide Eyed Beauty, made all of the girls look amazing. She took in our Pinterest pictures and explanations of what we wanted and delivered above and beyond. I always wear my hair down, so I was incredibly nervous about wearing it up, but it looked flawless!

Here are Gina's bridal hot to do's for brides:

Do something slightly whimsical and undone- super polished hair is so dated. Slightly messy side buns, or tousled waves are just perfection for wedding days. 

On hand products of mine:

always a great dry texturizing spray (oribe, or Oscar blandi) dry shampoo - matte and colorless of course

beach salt spray
a great hairspray- I like Bumble & Bumbles classic, Elnett, or Sebastian classic

a plumping spray or mousse for crown volume especially for finer hair

a polishing pomade to just do light handed shaping and for slight texture and separation. 
I always like to start by spraying crown with volumizer and salt spray, and really work it in with a hair dryer. After spray the dry texturizer allover for body.  At this point, if it's an updo I separate the hair into sections and give a nice wave or curl to the sections needed, and start back combing at the crown for good volume and base. It's very important to have that base to start a great looking loose updo or bun.  I decide my shape and start rolling, tucking and pinning sections. I love incorporating twists and braids into it also. 

 If the bride has a lot of hair a great way to start the process is to take the bottom half section of the hair from the neck and twist into small tight bun and secure. Then you can curl and twist and cross and wrap- so many options to build a gorgeous look from this! pins! pins! and pins! 

Gina is a rockstar. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, and let me tell you, girl is STUNNING. I am so thankful for Wide Eyed Beauty and want EVERY bride in the Milwaukee/Chicago area to know about them. I have never felt more beautiful, polished or put together in my life. I didn't have to worry about a think because Gina and Maggie are so professional and talented.

If you have any questions about booking Gina or Maggie all of their info can be found here: and don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail at with any questions! 

June 4, 2014

Lashes by KMK

Having besties in the beauty industry makes my life a lot easier, and prettier. Katie Kirckof, I'm guessing you know her name from around Rochester, does amazing lashes at Blu h20 Salon. I needed a {major} fill and KMK was able to relash me in 35 minutes! If you have ever laid on a lash table before you know the first session can take over two hours and a fill usually takes an hour. I have short lashes and usually loose a few within days, not the case here! I'm not posting this just because Katie is a dear friend, but because if you live in Rochester and are looking to amplify your eyes, she is the gal to see! 

Here are some photos {selfies, I know} unedited and with no filter: