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July 31, 2014

#adamlovesmolly: decor in the tent.

It's a definite #tbt that is for sure! I promised showing decor from my wedding a while ago, and well here you are my dears! My vision for out day was a garden party of sorts. I wanted classic elements, mixed with pieces that were unique and added a touch of modern - like out chevron placemats, chalkboard doors and chalkboard printable table numbers. 

TIP: If you're looking to save big bucks on table numbers, Etsy is the answer. I was going to spend over $300 on gold glitter table numbers; however, I was able to find printables that were about $5 for 20 numbers! They worked perfectly into our decor. 

My vision was completely brought to fruition by The Eventful Life. Jess and Steph were amazing to work with. I didn't have to worry about a single thing, the two of them were on point before, during and even AFTER the wedding! We had the best experience working with them. 

EXPERIENCE: I wanted to put most of my budget into the experience that my guests would have: the bar, the photo booth, the location, the food, the ambiance and the MUSIC! I wasn't a bride that wanted my guests to take away tiny little gifts that weren't up to par. I know many people walked away cherishing their photo booth pics - which I loved! Belle Immagini Photo Booth was truly one of a kind to work with. I was so impressed with their kind and giving spirits, truly beautiful people! 

Our colors were a touch of mint, gold and blush pink. For flowers we used peonies, ranunculus, hydrangeas, garden roses and dusty miller. Everything looked like the ethereal dream I had been imagining for the past year.

If you have any questions on weddings at Lake Park Bistro {tented} or wedding vendors in Milwaukee please don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail at




July 15, 2014

MGD: 9th and Elm

"9th & Elm was founded by Clay and Elly Bethune in the spring of 2013 with a mission to bring it's members fabulous fashion from the best handmade and independent designers. We realize it is extremely difficult to sort through and discover handmade fashion geared towards the "fashionista". Search no longer. Exclusive deals handpicked by our buyers will be delivered daily to our users inbox."

When perusing 9th & Elm I absolutely fell in love with their indepent designers and handmade pieces. I've said it in many a blog post before, but I absolutely love monograms. As you can see in the picture below I've added a ring to my finger and a new last name to my dossier, hence the need for a new monogram necklace. I was thrilled to see that 9th & Elm had just what I was looking for, for an insanely reasonable price! I've been wanting a gold block monogram necklace for quite some time now! 

I currently love this gold monogram ring! Perfect to give to one of your newly engaged gal pals with her new last name! 

I've incorporated this piece into my everyday rotation. The only time I don't wear it is when I have a statement necklace on, and even then I feel a bit naked without it! 


So this selfie is embarrassing, but it gives you a great idea of what the necklace looks like on! I thought that the chain would be bulky at first, but when I put it on it becomes nearly invisible - just how I like it! 


My daily jewelry: 9th & Elm Monogram Necklace, Tag Heuer Watch, Forever21 Gold Link Bracelet, Stella and Dot Renegade Bracelet and Screw Bangle. 

This post is sponsored by 9th and Elm. I was given a credit to their online store. All opinions are my own. 

July 8, 2014

The Fourth!!!!

About 25 years ago. Klode Park in Whitefish Bay. The place I still go, on the Fourth of July, with my very best friends. That little gal in the pink dress is me. The boy in blue, a dear childhood friend. 

A few years later at Grandma Dixon's. See: personalizing and monogramming runs in the family - I get it from my mama. This is my sister Emme, cousins Nat and Charlie and yours truly. 

Kaela is my best friend. This little lady and I have been through it all together. The fourth is one of my favorite holidays to spend with Kae and this was the first one in maybe five years! We had the honor of meeting the insta-famous @thedailydecker - IN LOVE. The husb will be getting me a frenchie - mark my words.

These two girls mean more to me than any silly little sentence could define. Not only did they stand by me on the biggest and most defining day of my life, but since middle school Katie and Kaela have been undescrible forces in my life. They teach me lessons I never knew I needed to learn. My love - these two and LJ - hold all my love!

I hope you and your nearest and dearest had the most beautiful fourth! 

I spent the rest of the weekend up at the lake with Adam's family. On Monday we laid to rest his beautiful grandmother. Alzheimer's took her 13 years ago, and I never had thr pleasure of knowing the grad man my wonderful husband did. Seeing him in photos with her stuffing his tiny belly full of strawberries and lying his sweet head down for a nap next to her made my heat melt and the tears flow. Out of sadness comes comfort and we were fortunate enough to spend the weekend with our cousin Megan, who flew in from Frankfurt. No one can make me laugh as hard (or eat/drink as much)! 

We hit the townie bars and Henry Ann learned how to swim! Adam leaves for Seattle tomorrow and I join him Thursday - can't wait!!! 

July 3, 2014

adamlovesmolly: 10

A little throw back Thursday to our wedding. I seriously can not believe that it's been almost two months. It feels like just yesterday I was holding my breath, holding my dad's hand and walking down the aisle to marry a man I love more than any words could even describe. 

I posted this story on my Instagram, but wanted to share it on my blog. 

My grandpa Malcolm, before he passed away, gave this Rolex to my dad. That was over 30 years ago. It was a gift for doing the accounting for his jewelry store Schwanke-Kasten.  My dad had not worn the watch in several years and decided to wear it on my wedding day.  A Rolex is self winding, this means it only moves with the natural motion of your wrist. If you were to stop wearing it, the watch would stop ticking, but when you put it on again it would resume movement. Having not worn the watch in years, it had not been moving. 

When my dad put it on that morning, on the 10th of May, the date was already set to the 10th. 

I will never forget my dad pulling me aside, tears welling in his eyes, and showing me his watch. I can't describe the feeling of peace and comfort that came over me as he told me about putting it on that morning. It's a testament to those who have passed watching over us. A little piece of heaven that is always with us. 

July 2, 2014

grimms at home: a friendly update

These past few months have been extremely exciting and eventful for us. It's rare that we have a weekend in Rochester with no plans - or a weekend without a wedding! Everything in our new home is slowly coming together. I loved the building process and liked having the control of being able to pick out every last detail. As for decorating, I can't get it done fast enough. Those that know me well, can attest to the fact that patience is not a virtue I strongly possess. And for those that follow me on Instagram, you know everything is monogrammed. I haven't shared too much about the house, but until I fully decorate everything here are a few iPhone snapshots.

There is a "sod shortage" in Minnesota, so hopefully we will have a green yard for Henry Ann by fall. It's so cute to hear, our incredibly friendly neighbors and their kiddos, walk by and say,"Wooowwwww, look at the yellow door!" It's been such a fun process and after renting an older house for two years, this feels like home.

The first week we moved in the office looked like this. Don't worry, Banksy has yet to be properly hung. I've since replaced the pillow on the ghost chair with a faux mongolian fur pillow and have added a large chair and ottoman. You don't realize how big a space is until you get furniture in it. The antler bowl that my mom lovingly gave to Adam has made it's way to his nightstand. 

When we moved we purchased a new bed frame, mattress, box spring - the whole deal. One issue with having a very tall bed, is needing a very tall nightstand {one that doesn't cost $400}. I came across this incredibly affordable bookcase{yes, you read that right} on Amazon and snapped two of them up. I've started adding some decor to them, and after having them in the house for 24 hours I can confirm these were a great purchase! 

Showering with this tile under my toes everyday will never get old {it's still wrapped here, but since being placed has gray grout that blends seamlessly}. 

Now for some photos with people!

Don't you wish boys could just normal people? I do love our new couch and love seat though! 

I love our dark wood floors {and in this case my outfit}. The floors don't mix with dirt from Henry Ann, but a happy gal can't complain.

Just a casual glass of rose before some friends arrived to break in the new place. There is no red like OPI's Big Apple Red. 

Some of the gals that joined us for pizza on the Big Green Egg {all of the boys were outside with the holy grail of grills and beer}, one too many rounds of Heads Up and lots of delicious drinks. 

My dear friend Kelsey. I dare you to try and pull off a purple leather skirt, because I'm pretty sure only Kels can.