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July 3, 2014

adamlovesmolly: 10

A little throw back Thursday to our wedding. I seriously can not believe that it's been almost two months. It feels like just yesterday I was holding my breath, holding my dad's hand and walking down the aisle to marry a man I love more than any words could even describe. 

I posted this story on my Instagram, but wanted to share it on my blog. 

My grandpa Malcolm, before he passed away, gave this Rolex to my dad. That was over 30 years ago. It was a gift for doing the accounting for his jewelry store Schwanke-Kasten.  My dad had not worn the watch in several years and decided to wear it on my wedding day.  A Rolex is self winding, this means it only moves with the natural motion of your wrist. If you were to stop wearing it, the watch would stop ticking, but when you put it on again it would resume movement. Having not worn the watch in years, it had not been moving. 

When my dad put it on that morning, on the 10th of May, the date was already set to the 10th. 

I will never forget my dad pulling me aside, tears welling in his eyes, and showing me his watch. I can't describe the feeling of peace and comfort that came over me as he told me about putting it on that morning. It's a testament to those who have passed watching over us. A little piece of heaven that is always with us. 

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