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July 2, 2014

grimms at home: a friendly update

These past few months have been extremely exciting and eventful for us. It's rare that we have a weekend in Rochester with no plans - or a weekend without a wedding! Everything in our new home is slowly coming together. I loved the building process and liked having the control of being able to pick out every last detail. As for decorating, I can't get it done fast enough. Those that know me well, can attest to the fact that patience is not a virtue I strongly possess. And for those that follow me on Instagram, you know everything is monogrammed. I haven't shared too much about the house, but until I fully decorate everything here are a few iPhone snapshots.

There is a "sod shortage" in Minnesota, so hopefully we will have a green yard for Henry Ann by fall. It's so cute to hear, our incredibly friendly neighbors and their kiddos, walk by and say,"Wooowwwww, look at the yellow door!" It's been such a fun process and after renting an older house for two years, this feels like home.

The first week we moved in the office looked like this. Don't worry, Banksy has yet to be properly hung. I've since replaced the pillow on the ghost chair with a faux mongolian fur pillow and have added a large chair and ottoman. You don't realize how big a space is until you get furniture in it. The antler bowl that my mom lovingly gave to Adam has made it's way to his nightstand. 

When we moved we purchased a new bed frame, mattress, box spring - the whole deal. One issue with having a very tall bed, is needing a very tall nightstand {one that doesn't cost $400}. I came across this incredibly affordable bookcase{yes, you read that right} on Amazon and snapped two of them up. I've started adding some decor to them, and after having them in the house for 24 hours I can confirm these were a great purchase! 

Showering with this tile under my toes everyday will never get old {it's still wrapped here, but since being placed has gray grout that blends seamlessly}. 

Now for some photos with people!

Don't you wish boys could just normal people? I do love our new couch and love seat though! 

I love our dark wood floors {and in this case my outfit}. The floors don't mix with dirt from Henry Ann, but a happy gal can't complain.

Just a casual glass of rose before some friends arrived to break in the new place. There is no red like OPI's Big Apple Red. 

Some of the gals that joined us for pizza on the Big Green Egg {all of the boys were outside with the holy grail of grills and beer}, one too many rounds of Heads Up and lots of delicious drinks. 

My dear friend Kelsey. I dare you to try and pull off a purple leather skirt, because I'm pretty sure only Kels can. 


Hollyn Baron said...

The house looks great!

I love your blog - so cute!


Molly Dixon said...


Thank you SO much for your sweet comment, it made my day! And now we are Instagram buddies! I adore your blog, I was able to check it out. It's so fantastic to see a midwestern gal breaking the stereotypes - gorgeous, stylish and classy! I am dying over your monogrammed Rebecca Minkoff!