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July 8, 2014

The Fourth!!!!

About 25 years ago. Klode Park in Whitefish Bay. The place I still go, on the Fourth of July, with my very best friends. That little gal in the pink dress is me. The boy in blue, a dear childhood friend. 

A few years later at Grandma Dixon's. See: personalizing and monogramming runs in the family - I get it from my mama. This is my sister Emme, cousins Nat and Charlie and yours truly. 

Kaela is my best friend. This little lady and I have been through it all together. The fourth is one of my favorite holidays to spend with Kae and this was the first one in maybe five years! We had the honor of meeting the insta-famous @thedailydecker - IN LOVE. The husb will be getting me a frenchie - mark my words.

These two girls mean more to me than any silly little sentence could define. Not only did they stand by me on the biggest and most defining day of my life, but since middle school Katie and Kaela have been undescrible forces in my life. They teach me lessons I never knew I needed to learn. My love - these two and LJ - hold all my love!

I hope you and your nearest and dearest had the most beautiful fourth! 

I spent the rest of the weekend up at the lake with Adam's family. On Monday we laid to rest his beautiful grandmother. Alzheimer's took her 13 years ago, and I never had thr pleasure of knowing the grad man my wonderful husband did. Seeing him in photos with her stuffing his tiny belly full of strawberries and lying his sweet head down for a nap next to her made my heat melt and the tears flow. Out of sadness comes comfort and we were fortunate enough to spend the weekend with our cousin Megan, who flew in from Frankfurt. No one can make me laugh as hard (or eat/drink as much)! 

We hit the townie bars and Henry Ann learned how to swim! Adam leaves for Seattle tomorrow and I join him Thursday - can't wait!!! 

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