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August 11, 2014

It's not about the price tag.

I'm a firm believer in the notion that's it's NOT about the price, but how you wear it. I wore this lovely little number to a dear friend's BBQ. I was comfortable, felt confident and spent the night enjoying an awesome bottle of Pinot Grigio, amazing food and even better company.

Shoes // Old Nacy Jeans // Old Navy Rockstar (try them on - I swear you will love them) Top // Lillian's 

However, I am not opposed to spending $27 on Nars Lipstick. This color is Heat Wave and I'm a die hard fan girl. My little gem of a necklace is from Francesca's. 

Not the greatest photo, but I was pulling clothes for the #styleontheplaza look book and I started going crazy over this coat. I didn't want to look at the price tag - I was expecting it to cost $300+. Let's just say I did a victory dance, $99 my friends! Expect to see it this fall (on my person)! 

A casual Friday look from work. Blouse is from h&m and jeans are Mother. I also love my Cate Katan necklace. Make sure to check her out on Etsy! 

August 9, 2014

in lust with: for love & lemons

There are certain brands that I am instantly drawn to. There is not really an explanation or a common sense factor, these aren't brands I would purchase from regularly, nor are they brands that represent pieces of clothing I already own; however, I become like a moth to a flame. Over the last few months I've been having a love affair with For Love & Lemons. Their pieces are dreamy, airy, romantic and slightly resemble lingerie. I don't know what it is about the pieces, but I dream about wearing them. While they do make beautiful underpinnings, their dresses are so beautiful. I don't know that many of them would work for my body type {curse of the bust}, but I know my legs would look amazing {on the bright side}. I also don't dress overly sexy, so again I'm not sure where this obsession is coming from! Most of their dresses are under $200 and a few are in the $300 range. I'm all for wearing white year round {I hope you got that from my jeans post}, so don't ignore the white dresses ladies - they would look killer with black tights and booties!

August 4, 2014

what i'm wearing: gold and cognac

I could tell you that my love for gold and cognac was just a phase, y'all it's here to stay. I recently purchased the Tory Burch York Tote in Luggage, with gorgeous gold details. The price point was fantastic and it was just the bad I needed to put all of my work files in. I can carry my portfolio, several client folders, an iPad, my GiGi New York Clutch and my giant pouch of Nars lipstick - I've been wearing Carthage a lot. It's a beautiful hot pink matte lipstick. The best part it doesn't budge!

Below you will find some pieces I'm loving in gold and cognac. I love the rich buttery brown paired with the beauty of gold accents!

August 3, 2014

Peptide Promises.

I started my Radical Skincare
journey by using their amazing Age-Defying Exfoliating Pads before my wedding. I've had them for several months and they are worth the investment. I know $75 seems steep, but they are proven to reduce the look of pores and even crows feet! My pores were smaller and my skin was tighter. 

A few weeks ago I received Radical Skincare's Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum. At $190 a bottle this a product, that at 27, I would normally put on my WANT not NEED list. Since I've started using it my skin has improved significantly. I've noticed places where my skin used to me tight a plump are starting to look renewed. I will say that the skin I had at 25 is definitely not the skin I have at 27 {almost 28} and this serum is helping to repair damage and keep my skin looking youthful. Having a glow year round is important to me, but with my job and busy weekends I can't be a sun goddess like I used to. I stick to spray tans and rely on the Peptide Serum to give me an extra boost. 

Left to Right: Me, Tamara, Shawna and Megan 

At a wedding last weekend I really felt like my skin was glowing. We had attended an outdoor pizza restaurant that week and I am like candy to jiggers and mosquitos. I had bites all over my face two days prior, and by the time I had to put my makeup on Saturday - they were gone! I am giving the Peptide Infused Serum credit for this one! 

Embarrassing selfie for the win! I don't usually take SUPER close up photos of my face; however, I was sending my friend Rachel a picture of my berry lips. It was her wedding color and I was feeling cheeky {ok and pretty}. As you can see pores are smaller and skin is more even. Ignore my oily noise - summer clearly brings out the best in my typically dry skin. 

I really hope to try Radical Skincare's Revitalizing Mask next! 

"A powerhouse anti-wrinkle serum that shields against the free radicals responsible for skin aging. Protect, repair, and firm. There is no better shield against free radicals responsible for skin aging than this must-have multitasking anti-wrinkle serum. The ingredients have been shown to support natural collagen and elasticity in weeks. With its true-to-nature berry bronze hue, it gives skin a healthier glow, while making it look and feel smoother. It is formulated Without: - Parabens- Sulfates - Phthalates Research results:In a consumer use study: - 89% of participants reported that skin texture improved; skin has become smoother - 89% of participants reported that their skin elasticity improved - 89% of participants reported that skin has a healthier appearance."

Shop the post:

Full Disclosure: All products were provided to me free of change. All opinions are entirely my own. 

coveting: coral skort

Summer is winding it's way down...please don't go! However, I keep seeing this lovely outfit on the internet and I just love it! I adore the way her dressing room is set up too - so cute! Now I just need a tan! 

Photo / / emphasis added

August 2, 2014

style staple: white jeans

White Jeans are a style staple of mine year round. They look great in the summer with sandals and simple tank or in the fall with cognac boots and a chunky sweater. This winter I'm looking forward to wearing a white-on-white outfit. One of my best friend's LJ has rocked this look in cooler months and she looks amazing. I personally alternate between two pairs of trusty white jeans. I didn't want to invest a ton of money in jeans that had holes in them (for hopefully obvious reasons) so I picked up a pair on major sale at Old Navy. Their Rockstar Jeans fit me like a dream. For casual Fridays at work or when distressed jeans are appropriate I have a pair from Mother that are amazing. they are so flattering and surprisingly slimming! I picked them up when Adam and I were in Seattle and I ended up wearing them the whole weekend. One of my favorite places to shop for jeans is Shopbop. I love supporting a company that was born and bred in Wisconsin. How many of you knew that? Another cool fact Maggie and Gina that did the hair and makeup for my wedding also work on a ton of their look books. My cool factor went up, just saying! Below are some of my favorite picks.