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November 4, 2014

caged in.

If you follow me on Instagram you've seen these flats pop up numerous times. I own them in nude and red, and to be 100% transparent just purchased a replacement nude pair. While they aren't the gorgeous $900 Valentino Rockstud Cage Flats, I could care less, I bought them because I LOVE the style. I wish I could make myself spend $900 on shoes; however, at this point traveling, decorating my new home and investing in my future are more important. I can't have it all! Those of you with Rockstuds: Yes, I'm jealous. If you'd like the link to these shoes, they are so comfy, follow me on Instagram and send me a direct message - @McKerihan.

Please note: I know there are many that have very strong opinions about knockoffs. These shoes do not bare the Valentino tag, nor do they replicate the exact design. They are simply 'inspired by'. If you're wearing anything from Forever 21, Old Navy, Gap, even lower priced brands from Nordstrom chances are your pieces are 'inspired by' the offerings of items ten times their price tag. I read a story this summer about a girl in fashion who carried a Celine bag - only it was fake. She still paid a couple of hundred dollars for it, but didn't pay $2,000+. She wanted to look chic, but would rather pay her rent - no one could tell the difference. I think it's a great debate between what is right and wrong, but as the "IT" bags get more and more expensive, knockoffs become more attractive, right? 

Enjoy these pretties below! Most are uber affordable!